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LeBron James Wants All-Star Draft Process On TV

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The NBA All-Star event is always one to look out for on the calendar. Traditionally it sees the East take on the West, but this season the NBA have completely revamped the system and introduced a new format. Instead of East versus West, it will now see 12 players selected from each conference who will then be picked in a draft style system by two team captains. So now players from both conferences will be able to play alongside each other, in a real All-Star battle.

It’s a move which has been backed by superstar LeBron James, who alongside Stephen Curry, was a captain last year for his respective conference. It’s believed that the actual draft picking may have a chance of being televised which may add to the pressure on the captains; creating headlines in the process, on who picks who. James dismissed this though by stating that “We’re all grown men.”

The captains will be decided by the amount of votes received and LeBron is highly likely to be one of those selecting the sides. The league itself feels that it may be better to do the draft picks behind closed doors in an attempt to avoid any sort of controversy arising. James however seems to be in favor of doing everything publicly. This would certainly increase the excitement surrounding the game with more people likely to tune in and watch as events unfold.

In the case of LeBron James himself, it will very interesting to see whether he picks his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Kyrie Irving. Irving departed the Cavaliers in the summer just gone, and it’s believed that their relationship has since broken down. There’s no denying Irving’s talent, which James will be well aware of; but whether James opts to pick him or not is another matter. People will likely just tune in to see whether Irving is picked by his former teammate and close friend.

As things stand for James and the Cleveland Cavaliers they’re going well in the Eastern Conference and currently sit in second place behind the Boston Celtics. They are however odds on favorites to be crowned Central Division champions of 2017/18, with major sports betting sites like Unibet. There seems to be no equals when comparing sides with the Golden State Warriors but the Cleveland Cavaliers are realistically the only side likely to stop them on their way to NBA glory. The Cavaliers are 5/1 to be this season’s NBA champions.

This NBA All Star game is always one of the most popular events of the basketball season and the switch to the new format is only going to help make it even bigger than before. There’s certainly going to be a lot more interest in the game, especially as it’s no longer East versus West. There will, however, be a lot more in terms of controversy and headlines, especially if the captain’s picks are broadcast live on television. While the league may not like this, the fans certainly will.