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Legal Online Casinos in UK, USA and New Zealand

The legal landscape of online casinos has been changing over the years and more countries are now regulating online gambling for citizens of their country. People have been gambling on the Internet for the past 20+years already. However, much of this time players have been betting at gambling websites that we’re licensed by offshore regulators. It wasn’t until 2005 when the United Kingdom passed the Gambling Act and became the first nation to legalize and regulate gambling on the Internet. UK bettors are the most fortunate of all online gamblers because all forms of virtual betting are legal and regulated by the UKGC (Gambling Commission). This includes casino, sports betting, bingo, lottery and scratch off cards.

Online casino gambling in USA has not been as smooth running as UK Internet casinos have because for over a decade the U.S Government had declared online gambling to be illegal. It was not until 2013 when New Jersey became the first state in the United States of America to legalize and regulate online casino games for people betting in NJ. New Jersey also recently became the first state in the USA to regulate Internet sports betting. Find a complete list of New Jersey licensed gaming sites on the website. The success of NJ online casinos has lead other states to follow in their footsteps and regulate iGaming for people in their state. Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia have all passed legislation to allow and regulate gambling online. One of the best way to find an online casino USA is to visit the page

“In New Zealand it is legal to play online casino games at websites located outside of NZ. It is also legal to offer virtual gambling games to Kiwis as long as the casino is operating outside of New Zealand. Websites like GambleRock offer NZ players reviews of the best New Zealand casino sites to look over when searching for a trustworthy online casino in New Zealand.

The laws on iGambling are changing fairly often. While most countries are moving in the direction of legal, regulated Internet gambling there are some parts of the world, such as Australia for instance, where it is illegal to gamble online. Players need to verify their local online gaming laws before betting real money on virtual casino games.