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Let the Uproad Mobile App Pay Your Tolls While You Drive

Uproad is currently in 18 states and covers over 175 tollways

This toll app innovation makes toll transponders unnecessary. Uproad detects when you go through a toll point on a toll road and sends you a notification. Then the app communicates with the appropriate tolling authority to pay your toll fees with the funds on your app account or with your credit card.

You can simply download the free Uproad app from Google Play Market or App Store and install it on your device. Users can add up to ten cars and choose a preferred toll payment option, for example, PayPal, Venmo, debit card or credit card.

Then to pay tolls, you don’t need to do anything: just make sure your account is active with a valid payment method and vehicle. When you pass a toll on any toll road that Uproad covers, the toll cost will automatically deduct from your balance once the toll agency confirms the cost – or you can pay as you go with a credit card

The app also has a Trip Calculator which you can easily use to estimate the costs of your upcoming trips in advance.

Once you activate your Uproad account, you can start using the application the next day.

The app will tell drivers estimated toll expenses in real time with the Toll Alert feature through push notifications, and you can also find them listed in the main account Dashboard in the app. Thanks to this mobile application, you’ll have no reasons to avoid unfamiliar toll roads anymore and you won’t receive a tolling agency fine for untimely payment. Uproad definitely makes toll road travel simpler, provides more transparency compared to using a toll transponder, saves you from late payments, and it’s free to download. Win, win, win!

This app is a true game-changer that makes road trips in the U.S. more comfortable and enjoyable for all the customers.