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Life and Career of Diego Maradona, the Golden Boy of the World Football

Throughout the history of football, no one can take football fans to the extreme of every emotional level like Maradona. He is worshiped as a living saint and gains unconditional love from fans.

In the 80s of the twentieth century, Argentina football fans enjoyed the two joys at the same time: winning the World Cup and watching Diego Maradona play. Argentina has never been short of talent; however, no one seems to replace the unique position of Diego Maradona, who is known as “the golden boy” of world football.

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The path to football

Diego Armatedo Mara de Fabcis Dona, also known as Diego Maradona is a former Argentine footballer. He plays as a striker in the shirt of Boca Junio and the Argentina national football team. He is famous for the nickname “the golden hand” at the 1986 World Cup held in England.
Maradona was born in 1960 in Buenos Aires town of Argentina in a family with a strong passion for the ball. Since he was small, Diego Maradona was willing to skip 10 lessons just to play football for a week. Even when his mother Loecian locked him in the room, Maradona still played with the ball in there. He practiced plastic balls quite well, from which his basic skills gradually shaped.

Maradona had a passion for football since his childhood

When Maradona was 8 years old, his talent was discovered in one match for Estrella Roja Club. At the age of 12, the coaches at The Little Onions were impressed by his ability and talented football skills. For Maradona, midfielder Riverlino and winger George Best are two big idols, who motivated Maradona a lot when playing football.

Diego Maradona played the first match for Albiceleste at the age of 16. However, he was not allowed to attend the 1978 World Cup due to his young age. The Argentine Football Federation had to bring this young talent to the 1979 U20 World Cup. At this tournament, “the Golden Boy” scored in every match and led his team to win the championship. At the same time, he won the best player award.

Football Career in Football Clubs

Boca Junior Football Club

Maradona had a successful season at Boca Junior in the 1981-1982 season. At this club, Maradona had 28 goals in a total of 40 appearances. This was an impressive achievement for a player who was only 18 years old. Maradona’s goal was crucial to help his team win the Argentina Premier title at the age of 18. At that season, Maradona also won the trophy at a club in South American country, which is known as the Libertadores Cup.

Maradona has a successful season at Boca Junior in the 1981-1982 season

With this impressive achievement, Maradona was noticed by the Barcelona club. They agreed to negotiate to sign a contract with him.

Barcelona Football Club

Maradona was recruited to Barcelona football club for a record fee of 5 million British Pound. This is the highest amount of money in the 1980s that any football player in the world has dreamed of. However, this is considered as a failed contract with the club when Maradona did not play well in the two seasons from 1983 to 1985. He played 40 matches, which is equal to the total number of matches he played for Boca in a year. After playing in Spain for two years, he moved to Italy to join Napoli club.

Napoli Football Club

“The Golden Boy” is considered as the most influential factor in football in Naples. Joining Napoli after two unsuccessful seasons in Barcelona, Maradona quickly showed his different class in the boot-shaped country. The first was the Serie A championship in Napoli with 10 goals for Maradona. In the same year, Napoli won the Coppa Italia title.

Three years later, Maradona played even more explosive with a total of 16 goals and 9 assists in the whole season, helping Napoli win the second time in Italy. Until more than three decades later, no one has been able to do what Maradona did in Napoli.

Maradona contributed to create a new history for Napoli

Maradona had 8 years with Napoli from 1984-1992 and had a successful path. With 188 appearances for the team, Maradona had 81 goals, which helped the team win the Scudetto in 1987. This is also the first time in the history that Napoli broke the Italian football dominance of Juventus and AC Milan. It can be said that Maradona’s legacy in Naples is eternal.

Argentina national team

Maradona is compared with Pele because both of them debuted for the national team at an early age of 16. Diego Maradona made his national team debut on February 27th, 1977 against Hungary. However, he could not attend the 1978 U20 World Cup because of his young age. By 1979, Maradona attended the FIFA World Cup in Japan, where he helped U20 Argentina win the championship.

In the 1982 World Cup, Diego Maradona made his first official appearance on the world stage in Spain against Belgium. That year, Argentina stopped the game early when meeting Brazil. By the end of the season, Diego Maradona had 450 minutes of official play with 2 goals and 1 red card.

He returned to Argentina to practice and had to wait to shine in the 1986 World Cup. The 1986 World Cup was held in Mexico. That year’s tournament is considered as one of the most emotional World Cup finals in football history. Only God knows how Diego Maradona scored with his hand against English and was still recognized by Tunisian referee Ali Bennaceur.

Diego Maradona is considered as one of the football legends of Argentina

The British were resentful, but the Argentines rejoiced. They considered Maradona as a national hero, representing the pride and victory of the country. On June 25th, 1986, Argentina reached the semi-finals against Belgium, then entered the final battle against West Germany. At the end of the tournament, Maradona received the Golden Ball award and the title of the best player in the tournament.

Later, Maradona was caught up in many scandals about doping, drugs, alcohol; however, football fans all over the world still respect him for his undeniable talent. Mararoda ended his football career with great achievements. And now when it comes to that name, we will default to add the title “football legend”.

Despite being a celebrity with professional expansions, he still doesn’t avoid social evils. Sport is one of the easy opportunities to draw fans into the fight. The development of modern society increasingly creates conditions for song bai online and bookmakers to find new players. As the championships get closer and the odds start to increase, it will be interesting to see what trends start to emerge in the world of football.

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