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Life Hacks For Students in Pune

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There’s a reason that Pune is called the student city of India and it’s got to do with the fact that hundreds of students migrate to this city every year, starry eyed and hoping to have their lives changed by one of the fine institutions in the city. And among this young, ambitious crowd this year, you’re heading to Pune too, with a lot of dreams in your heart and some questions on your mind. What’s your college going to be like? Will you like your classmates? How will you find 1BHK flats for rent in Pune near your campus? What will your course be like? These and more thoughts are sure to be racing through your mind.

Well, it’s perfectly natural to feel a little antsy about your big move to Pune and starting your college life in a new city. And to help you ensure that it’s a smooth and easy start, we’ve got some great life hacks for you to keep in mind. Check them out:

Don’t skip classes

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But this is a college life hack that bears repeating. We know it’s really tempting to skip classes at times, whether it’s to sleep in or to catch a movie with your friends. But try and avoid the temptation. In a lot of colleges, maintaining a certain level of attendance is mandatory to take exams and you don’t want to fall by the wayside. More importantly, if you skip classes, you’re going to find it a lot more difficult to keep up with your coursework. Plus, you’ll miss out on some great classroom discussions and a chance to get to know your professors and peers better. So, get your gameface on and head to class.

Be friendly with everyone, but friends with a few

This is one of the best hacks that you’ll ever need to get through college. You’re bound to meet a lot of people while on campus, especially in your first year. And since you’re trying to build your network, it’s great to be cordial and friendly with everyone. But when it comes to actually making friends and picking your squad, choose wisely. The friends you have in college can have a huge impact on your academic success and your overall career. If you surround yourself with ambitious and talented people, you’re going to want to push yourself harder and be more motivated. But if you’re too busy flitting between different social groups, you won’t have much time to dedicate to hard work. That’s not to say that you should force yourself to fit into a group or mould yourself into someone you don’t like. The intent is to just find people who truly help you grow while appreciating you for who you are.

Choose smart accommodation

You wanted the best when it came to choosing a college, so don’t drop the ball when it comes to accommodation. Instead of blindly going with the campus accommodation or trying to calculate Pune house rents for 1BHK flats, it makes more sense to talk to some seniors on campus and ask them about the best places to live. You’ll find several hostels and PGs around your college to choose from, but they may differ in terms of quality, amenities, curfew timings etc. Choosing a professionally managed housing like Stanza Living which provides fully-furnished residences to students might be a smarter option for you. You’ll get to enjoy the best of amenities including good food and internet services and a great community vibe too.

These are some essential life hacks that you need to know as a student in Pune. So, keep them in mind and all the best for your college life.