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List of Best Punjabi Songs and Lyrics of 2020

Punjabi song is one kind of music which looks like Hindi song but its not. Punjab is the state of India, and its state language is Punjabi. However, peoples of all ages are known this language song very well. Even you can observe some of the Punjabi songs that are very sweet to hear. Almost everyone who knows about Punjabi can’t ignore listening to Punjabi songs.

Moreover, it would help if you comprehended that Punjabi songs are gained many views from any social media. Even in the last year of 2020, Punjabi songs got massive popularity from any types of social media networking apps such as Likee, TikTok, Whatsapp, Facebook, and many more. For the rest of the year of 2020, Punjabi songs earned massive success from this site.

Now we are giving you some of the best Punjabi songs that you must love to hear. Also, most of the punjabi songs lyrics are written by the most experienced lyrics writer. To get the best Punjabi songs information and lyrics, you should follow this entire article must.

  • Baby Girl

Do you know that this is the best song for the rest of the year 2020. Yes, you heard right, and the theme is the most popular Punjabi song, which has gained 264 million views from Youtube. Guru Randhawa and Dhvani Bhanushali sang this most famous song, which the music director was Vee.

In the song Guru Randhawa and Dhvani Bhanushali, with many more featuring in the song that gets huge evolutionary success from viewers. Even you can justify that Guru Randhawa was the music composer and lyrics of the song. Also, the lyrics of the song is very heart touching that you must love.

  • Burj Khalifa

And finally, we reach into the 2nd best and most popular Punjabi song collected from the movie name Laxmii. It a recently published Hindi languages movie, but the music of the film is the Punjabi language. You will fall in love with this Punjabi item type song, released on Youtube on October 18, 2020.

Shashi – Dj Khushi was the music composer of this Punjabi song, which was Shashi – Dj Khushi. Also, Nikhita Gandhi was the female vocalist of the song which lyrics writer was Gagan Ahuja. Also, the lyrics of the song feels so good that you must love to hear them.

  • Kurta Pajama

It’s another song from the most popular and trending Hindi and Punjabi song’s singer Tony Kakkar. It is also the best and most liked video Punjabi song that has already gained 167 million views. And the song lyrics was heart touching that force you to love the music as well.

Tony Kakkar featuring Shehnaaz Gill, works on this song, the latest Punjabi song in 2020. And the song was sung by Tony Kakkar, and he was the music director and lyrics writer of the song. Also, it is the best song of 2020 in Punjabi after his Coca Cola songs get hit.

  • Butterfly

Jass Manak sang this song, which was one of the best Punjabi hit songs in 2020. Jass Manak was the music director, lyrics writer, and composer of this romantic Punjabi song, which is now trending. After getting massive success of Lehanga song. And this mentioned song has crossed 172 million views from Youtube. Also, it is the most liked Punjabi song that loves by all. Even the lyrics of the song’s meaning is related to love.

In Conclusion:

In this article, we add in all of the subtitles is best Punjabi songs of 2020. Also, the lyrics of all of the mentioned Punjabi songs are mostly related to love and relation. So if you are aiming to listen to this song, then these are the best songs you are waiting for.