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List of Finest Mobile App Development Companies in Canada

Finest App Development Firms In Canada


Canada-based AppStudio is an app development company. They were established in 2012, and with locations in Toronto, Vancouver, and Seattle, they provide nearshore design and development services. Over 275 people work on their UX/UI design and bespoke software development teams, which work on mobile and online applications.

Clients: Ideal Protein, WSPS MaxSold, AlphaMatch, MindSet, &Jane


To identify the stores and websites to search, compare, order, and return the protein product, AppStudio assisted in developing a complete pilot programme for a firm that produces a protein that boosts fitness. They were able to follow the consumer’s progress thanks to our app.

  1. ZAZZ

Zazz is a full-service iOS and android mobile app development company. They have locations in Chicago, Illinois, and Toronto, Canada. They deal with startups, midmarket, and enterprise firms, and their staff of more than 15 people specializes in mobile and online apps. They are employed by the gaming, government, healthcare, and consumer goods sectors.

Clients: Riyadh Season, Settlyt, Canadian Beef, JCAO, BASF, Skills Competence.


The Roundup is the only book you need to acquire, prepare, and eat beef from North America. To assist you in selecting the proper cut and cooking it confidently, this app includes information about beef cuts, recipes, cooking tips, and cuts videos. The group is entrusted with creating the app for both iOS and Android.


Raccoopack Media is a software company with more than two specialists in Burnaby, Canada. Since its establishment in 2016, they have provided mobile app development and UX/UI design services. The majority of their user-segment is attracted from small and medium-sized companies.

Clients: University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC Services for mental health and substance abuse. 


Raccoopack Media developed a mobile application and a web-based platform for clients and employees of a cabinet supplier. They’ve included a QR scanning feature in the apps to create information on service orders.


A mobile app development company called Pioneers was established in 2009. The organization offers one of the Top 10 Android Developers in Vancouver, Canada. Its ten-person team primarily works with small businesses on mobile app development, web design, and UX/UI design.

Clients: London School of Economics (LSE), Smith College, University of Notre Dame (ND), and University of British Columbia (UBC) INDUSTRIES


Leveraging JavaScript, Node.js, Kubernetes, and Go, Pieoneeers created an app for a sports data platform while using Google Cloud to host the platform. They assisted with the platform’s rebranding as well.


It is a Canada-based software company providing e-commerce, online, and mobile app development services for small and enterprise-level enterprises.

Clients: Trademodo, Building BetterPractice, Itsmymomentum, Renterchecks. 


A clothing brand company recruited Mango Projects Inc. to provide specialized software. The client’s e-commerce website benefits from this platform.


Vancouver-based App-Scoop is a development and consultancy company providing top-notch android developers for hire. It was established in 2015 and had a 13-person team that develops mobile apps, websites, and customized software.

Clients: Hitachi-Wenco Mining Blackgold ERP Taking Root Industries BC Government


A healthcare SaaS startup uses App-mobile Scoop’s software development services. They perform front- and backend development work on the client’s native iOS and Android applications.


It is the best app development company for custom software development. Many Hats is based in Vancouver, Canada. Their team of roughly 5–6 individuals, founded in 2018, provides services to companies of all sizes and sectors. They specialize in mobile app creation in addition to specialized software, but they also offer web development and AR/VR.

Clients: Phyxter, Ava, Home, Garden, Health, and Nunavut Industries.


Sports fans may watch and participate in events thanks to a mobile app developed by a social networking firm with assistance from Many Hats for Android and iOS. They carried out beta testing, MVP creation, and project discovery.

  1. TTT Studios

Thirty-three people work for the software development company TTT Studios. They were established in 2010 and are situated in Vancouver, Canada. They primarily serve enterprise and midmarket clients with their mobile app, custom software, and web development services.

Clients: Logitech, Pricing Solution, KPMG, YVR. 


Many tier 1 and tier 2 firms engaged TTT Studios to create iOS and Android applications. They integrated a POS, an e-commerce backend, and other APIs with their scalable apps. Users could manage their subscriptions and loyalty points using the app. The client appreciated their knowledgeable advice and accommodating style.

  1. Aeqdigital

In Vancouver, Canada, there is a digital agency called Aeqdigital. To produce cutting-edge digital goods for their clients, they were created in 2012 and now employ more than 50 people. They are experts in UI/UX design, mobile app development, and product design.

Clients: Kit and Ace from iQmetrix BuildDirect Central


Aeqdigital developed an app for a social networking firm. According to the client’s requirements, they created the software that would enable users who were physically close to one another to connect, and they were able to meet all of them, including providing a rapid chat feature and customized images. After the app’s release, the client claimed that all user feedback was favourable.

  1. Convergence

Convergence is a Vancouver, Canada-based technology development firm founded in 2014, and its developers have earned a reputation in the Top 10 Android Developers in Toronto. Their 70-person company provides web development, blockchain, mobile app development, business app modernization, and custom software development services.

Clients: InvestSmart, DriveCX, RestWorks. 


An IT company contracted Convergence to create unique software with a user dashboard. The team constructed the whole tech stack and is currently providing ongoing technical support for the customer.