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Litigation Over Hair Relaxer Problems That Are Not Small

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Formaldehyde, benzene, and parabens are three potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in hair relaxers. Some of the additional potent compounds found in these items include phthalates, bisphenol A, ammonium thioglycolate, guanidine carbonate, and dimethyl sulfoxide. Therefore, the U.S. government reports that women who use hair relaxers have a threefold increased chance of developing cancer, most commonly uterine cancer. 

Many individuals, including many producers of goods, believe that more is always better. Most customers want more of everything, including variety, effectiveness, and savoriness. More may be better for business, but it is not always better for people, as the above figure shows. Businesses have an ethical and legal obligation to put their customers’ well-being and security ahead of any financial gain they could experience, so getting help from a hair relaxer lawsuit lawyer in New York is important.

Specifically, many victims who suffered cancer as a result of hair relaxer use are filing hair relaxer cancer lawsuits seeking justice and compensation.

How can a lawyer help?

A skilled personal injury lawyer can step in when a company disregards its legal and moral responsibilities and causes harm. This responsibility necessitates, at the very least, adequate recompense for catastrophic injuries. Taking responsibility also includes making adjustments to how a firm operates to prevent future harm to customers.

Those who have used hair relaxers for longer than two years and, afterward, have been diagnosed with uterine cancer may be eligible for substantial compensation.

Producers of Negligent Hair Relaxers

There is evidence that several cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers, including L’Oréal, Pantene, Revlon, Softsheen Carson, and others, were aware of the risks associated with prolonged exposure to the toxic chemicals used in their products. They ultimately ignored consumer concerns and put business before safety.

These businesses had numerous opportunities to do the right thing by providing sufficient warnings to their customers. However, they failed to make the most of those chances. The time has come to advance to the next level.

Only a few months have passed, but survivors have already filed hundreds of lawsuits.

Victims May Be Granted Monetary Compensation

The success rate of cancer treatments has increased significantly during the past few decades. However, growth is rarely free. The cost of cancer therapy has increased dramatically during the past three decades. Uterine cancer patients who cannot afford treatment have a very low survival rate. 

Even if these costs are covered, health insurance typically only pays 80%. Certainly, that is a hefty “if.” Injuries are not covered by most group insurance.

A skilled personal injury attorney will fight for compensation for not only present and future medical costs but also for lost earnings and other economic losses.