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Live Roulette: 9 Tips and Tricks

Although roulette is a game of chance, there are a few things that you can do to maximise your winning potential. We won’t go as far as to call them strategies, but these simple tips and tricks might help you end the night on a high note. Let’s see what can help you when playing live roulette online.

Read the Casino’s T&C

It might sound obvious, but not every player reads the casino’s terms and conditions before joining a live roulette game. Whether you’re thinking of accepting a welcome bonus or simply registering, it’s best to make sure you understand the casino’s rules. Not all casinos have the same regulations, which may lead to unintended consequences. 

Keep Within Your Bankroll

Experienced players know that staying within your bankroll is fundamental to any gambling activity. On the other hand, newbies might feel overwhelmed by the game, putting their bankroll in danger. Set a dedicated bankroll for your daily gambling sessions and stick to it. If you don’t want to bet the minimum possible amount, we suggest going with the next best option without exceeding the limit.

Understand the Differences

The live roulette vs online roulette distinction is not the only one you should know. If you’re a beginner, you might not realise that there are numerous variations on the roulette game, including American, European, and French, among others. Before you start playing, you should research the rules of each variant and decide the one that’s best for you.

Play Free Roulette

Finding a demo live roulette game might not be easy, but it is not impossible. Try to access a reliable website where you can try out the free dealer version to ensure you’re on the right path concerning game rules, bet variants, and more. It’s a great learning resource that doesn’t require any investment.

Play the Outside

Many so-called experts will share their opinion on betting on specific numbers. And even though some tips might work, these are challenging bets with slim winning odds. So, dropping a third of your gambling budget in one sitting might not be the wisest option. That’s why we suggest playing the outside wagers. This includes betting on red/black, even/odd, numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 — you have 50/50 odds of hitting the winning bet.

Increase Your Odds on the Inside

If you still want to place wagers on individual numbers, we can get on board if you don’t bet on only one number. For example, you can put your chips on the right side of the board and select several adjacent numbers. The payout might not be as high as when betting on a single number, but it’s still higher than outside bets. You can learn more about inside bets here.

Give Multiplayer Roulette a Chance

Playing roulette online doesn’t mean you have to play alone. One of the best ways to learn something new and adopt different habits comes from observing other players. Multiplayer roulette is a great way to do that as it allows you to develop additional skills and maybe try various playing styles.

Play European Roulette

If you’re running low on luck, opt for a game of European roulette. Your chances of winning are slightly higher in this roulette variant as it eliminates the infamous double zero that appears in the American variation. As a result, you’re more likely to hit evens, odds, or colours.

Try the Martingale Strategy

The most effective way to use the Martingale strategy is to wager on outside, even money bets. They have the lowest payout — 1:1 but represent the safest bets in roulette. Start with low stakes, for example, £1. When you lose, double your bet to £2 and keep doubling until you win again. Once you win, go back to your initial stake. The idea behind the strategy is that you will end up with a profit as long as you don’t go on an incredibly l