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Lockdown Sports? Get Your Fix Online

Lockdown has become the new norm for 2020. Governments around the globe have implemented social distancing measures to protect their citizens, and it’s had a huge impact on everyone’s life.

Sports fans across the world are left with a gaping hole as sporting leagues and events are canceled or postponed. With no live sporting action to watch, how can sports buffs get through the lockdown and protect their sanity?

Online Streaming

The way we watch TV has changed dramatically over the last few years. Suddenly, streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu mean instant access to a library of thousands of sports-related content. Here’s just a couple of top TV shows, movies, and documentaries for sports enthusiasts.

“Last Chance U”

Docuseries “Last Chance U” is now into its fourth season following US community college football teams. It focuses on players whose difficult backgrounds have prevented them from achieving their dreams and realizing their true potential.


Lance Armstrong rocked the world of cycling when his doping scandal came to light. It also prompted documentary maker and amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel to see if he could beat the testers. His experience led to him becoming involved in the exposing of state-sponsored doping taking place in Russian sport.

“Jerry Maguire”

Jerry Maguire may be classed as a rom-com but it’s also a great sporting movie. Tom Cruise plays a sports agent consumed by ambition and his own ego. Cuba Gooding Jr. is brilliant as the football star on the comeback trail. A feel-good movie that will have the whole family shouting “Show me the money!”

“Geo-restricted Content”

Some content on Netflix and other streaming platforms is geo-restricted. This means you’re unable to view content if you’re located outside of the host country. Luckily, there’s an easy way around this by installing a VPN. Using a VPN download for your devices allows you to choose your virtual location and tricks the streaming service into believing you’re in the right country to watch geo-restricted content.

Rewatch Classic Sporting Moments

Video streaming websites such as YouTube are a godsend for sports fans. Millions of reruns and highlights of classic matches and events are available on one platform and at the touch of a button.

YouTube Alternatives

Although YouTube is the most well-known video streaming service, there are plenty of alternative platforms available.


Known as the “European YouTube”, Dailymotion features billions of videos that are free to stream. Its interface is simple to use and, once you create an account, Dailymotion makes personalized video recommendations and suggestions as it gets to know your preferences.


MetaCafe is a great option for watching highlights from sporting events as it specializes in short-form videos. It encourages users to upload their own videos which means there are plenty of amusing sporting moments to occupy you during the lockdown.


Vimeo is easy to navigate and there are tons of HD-quality sporting highlights to choose from. Videos are arranged into various categories so you can easily find your favorite sport. Vimeo’s also the ideal platform if you’re sick of frequent ads interrupting your viewing pleasure.

Classic Replays

So, now you know where to find videos to stream, here are just a few of the best sporting moments you can relive during the lockdown:

1992 Olympics—The Dream Team

Barcelona hosted the 1992 Olympics which saw a rule change allowing NBA players to compete for the first time. Enter The Dream Team consisting of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, and Larry Bird to name just a few of the all-time greats on show. Rewatch all six games that propelled the Dream Team to US Olympic gold.

Super Bowl 51—Patriots Vs. Falcons

“Super Bowl 51” provided one of the most dramatic comebacks in football history as the Patriots took on the Falcons. The Patriots were down by 25 points midway through the third quarter. But Tom Brady lead the way, rallying his team to a thrilling 34-28 victory. Watch the entire game in all its glory, including Brady’s emotional celebrations.

1980 Olympics—Miracle On Ice

For fans of ice hockey, there can be no sweeter moment than the 1980 Olympics. The Russians dominated the sport until the moment they faced a squad of US college players. Trailing Russia 3-2 in the final period, the US scored two goals and managed to hold its victory. This classic match has been dubbed one of the greatest ever upsets in sporting history.

As lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted, life will begin to go back to a new sort of normal. Sports leagues will restart but no one knows quite when that will happen. In the meantime, sports fans can get their fix thanks to streaming services. Stay home, stay safe, and relive some of the best sporting moments of all time from the comfort of your own front room.