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Long Term Effects of Alcohol On Your Health

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You might not notice the impact of alcohol on your body immediately, but remember it starts right from the day you start taking it. Alcohol consumption can have a long-term negative effect on your health and is also linked with an increased risk of serious diseases and even early death.

Alcohol is considered a toxic substance and once consumed, it enters your bloodstream. One standard drink takes times of almost 60 minutes to be digested in a healthy person. However, this can also be different depending upon a number of factors. 

With time, alcohol causes long-term damage to your body and badly affects the organs and tissues. Consumption of alcohol is responsible for causing the following long-term diseases:

  • Cancer in different parts of your body like the bowel, mouth, throat, and liver
  • Liver disease
  • Cardiovascular problems and stroke
  • Mental health problems
  • Alcohol use disorder or alcohol dependence

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It is important for you to know that alcohol consumption not only affects you physically but also mentally at the same time. When a person stops drinking, several effects of alcohol are reversed. But conditions like fatty liver disease and pancreatitis will cause permanent damage to your body.

Long term effects of alcohol on the health

Liver Damage

Alcohol is a dangerous toxin and the job of your liver is to flush out toxins from the body. But if you drink too much alcohol, your liver will not be able to keep up properly. Alcohol can kill the cells of your liver and lead to scarring known as cirrhosis.  

Long term heavy use of alcohol can result in alcoholic fatty liver disease, a sign that your liver is not working in the way it should. 

Reproductive health 

Intake of alcohol on a regular basis lowers your inhibitions. As a result, your fun in the bedroom is destroyed. You must know that heavy drinking can lead to several problems including:

  • Prevent the production of few hormone
  • Making it difficult for you to attain orgasm
  • Decrease your libido
  • Restricting you from getting or maintaining hard erections

Men consume medicine Cenforce 100 to treat their erection problem. Increase the blood circulation. When women drink alcohol in excessive amounts, it also affects their menstrual cycle and increases the risk of infertility to a great extent. 

Brain and nervous system problems 

Alcohol affects the communication pathways of your brain. This further makes it difficult for you to speak & think clearly, make decisions, remember things as well as move the body. 

Heavy consumption of alcohol can also cause mental health problems such as dementia and depression. You might suffer from painful nerve damage that might stay for a long time.    


This form of arthritis results due to a painful build-up of uric acid in your joints. You can get gout from eating too much food items that are high in chemicals known as purines. These food items usually include shellfish and alcohol mainly beer & liquor.   

Heart disease

You might know about the dangers of blood clots as well as high levels of fats & cholesterol in the body. Intake of alcohol makes both things more likely. Heavy drinkers often have trouble pumping blood to their hearts and even have high chances of death from heart disease. 


When you suffer from anemia, your body is not able to make enough healthy red blood cells in order to move oxygen. This further leads to the problem of ulcers, inflammation, and others. 

Too much drink might also make you skip meals which can further cause a shortage of iron in your body.    


Keep one thing in your mind, there is a clear link between heavy alcohol use and various types of cancers. Remember alcohol is responsible for damaging the cells in your voice box, mouth, esophagus as well as throat.  

This further lead to cancers in your intestines, liver, and breast as well. Alcohol often assists cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco and other sources enter your cells easily.


Long-term alcohol abuse might raise your likelihood of epilepsy. Alcohol withdrawal after heavy drinking can make you suffer from seizures. 


Heavy drinking can damage your immune cells and restrict them from fighting against bacteria as well as viruses. Along with this, alcohol also harms your liver which plays a vital role in the immune system by producing antibacterial proteins. 

Digestive problems 

You must know that alcohol is acidic. It might arouse the stomach lining and further cause nausea and heartburn. With time, this can further cause ulcers and chronic inflammation in the gut, stomach as well as the esophagus. 

Not only this, but alcohol also makes it hard for your intestine to digest essential nutrients such as thiamine and B12. Alcohol can cause a build-up of digestive enzymes in your pancreas, leading to serious conditions like pancreatitis. 

When you suffer from digestive problems, your body is not able to make insulin properly, increasing your risk of suffering from diabetes.


Intake of alcohol in large amounts might knock you out at night. But once the sedative effect wears off, it interrupts or lowers the quality of your sleep. When you drink too often, it makes it harder for you to fall asleep and stay asleep.   

Alcohol also increases snoring and sleep apnea, making it difficult for you to enjoy a good night’s rest. 

Understand the risk factors of alcohol use disorder

You need to understand there are certain factors that increase your possibility of experiencing alcohol use disorder. Some of the most common factors are stated below:

  • Ongoing stress
  • Heavy drinking
  • Having depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or other mental health conditions
  • Binge drinking
  • Having peers or family members who consume alcohol a lot
  • Having a close relative, mainly a parent with the condition
  • Having genes that disturb your sensitivity to alcohol

Conclusion – Therefore, if you want to enjoy good health then stop the consumption of alcohol as it causes you long term side effects. Always consult with a doctor before taking any Sildenafil product, Self consumption may lead to side effects.