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Looking Back at the History of Resentment Between MU and Liverpool

History has seen many times Liverpool become an annoying obstacle to coach Alex Ferguson in his ambition to rise to the throne of English football. On the contrary, many times the Red Devils have caused the Merseyside Reds to embrace hatred, the most recent being the 19th championship in the history of the Premier League, through which Man Utd officially became a team with rich tradition in England. Therefore, it is understandable when the Manucians and Liverpudlians always “throw” each other with bullet-shaped eyes.

The history of confrontation between MU vs Liverpool spans 125 and spans three centuries. The first time the two teams faced each other was in April 1994 in a test match. As the two most successful clubs in the football village of the fog, the rivalry always covers when MU meets Liverpool. 

The future is long, and there will be many opportunities to meet each other in the qualifiers and finals in other seasons. Check out to watch football online, update leaderboards and fixtures and do not miss any latest news from clubs. 

Now, join us to look back at these top matches! 

Liverpool – The death challenger

The Kop and MU have clashed 226 times since the Premier League was born. But each match leaves a very strong emotion in the hearts of fans. The two teams fight not only with tactics but sometimes they trade their honor for points at all costs.

Throughout history, Liverpool had only won 75 times, but the way they achieved the score has been a heated fight. In particular, The Kop only plays miraculously when they are pushed into a corner. 

In 5 wins voted to make Liverpool’s brand, there were 3 matches in 1986, 1992 and 1994, The Kop had to struggle to win points by convincing upstream. If you see Liverpool heroically rebuild the Red Man, they probably have an internal problem or at least destroy the victory of that obnoxious opponent!

In the late 80s to early 90s, The Kop always shows its ability to get in the way. Because after the golden age of dominating the Premier League in the 1970s, of course Liverpool could not accept themselves in a slump before a rising MU.

On the field they are unrelated opponents

The climax was in the match in 1994, when Red Man was leading 3-0 to The Kop, the Anfield team played brilliantly to equalize 3-3. But in particular, the banner on the history of the fans on The Kop side has made MU salt: “Come back when you have won 18 trophies.”

During the 2000s, Liverpool always played the role of “the man in the way” MU. Of course, they made the Red Man hug many times and the match that MU fans wanted to forget most was the first leg of the 2009 Premier League, Torres and his teammates failed MU with a score of 4-1.

But now, Torres, Gerrard is no longer, but we have the right to believe Jugen Kloop will choose for himself the smartest match. Because Liverpool is too emotional, they always have to fight death.

Man United 3-2 Liverpool, Premier League, September 19, 2010

Man United and Liverpool gave the audience an attractive chase in the match in 2010. With 2 goals from Berbatov in the 42nd and 59th minutes, MU easily led 2-0 but by the 70th minute, the number was leveled 2-2 for Liverpool following a Steven Gerreard double. The idea of ​​the match would end with a draw, in the 92nd minute, Berbatov launched the classic volley to break Old Trafford.

Man United 1-4 Liverpool, Premier League, March 14, 2009

In a sublime competition night, Fernando Torres gave Nemanja Vidic and the MU defense a miserable match. Despite defeating the opponent with a score of 1-4, but at the end of the 2008/2009 season, Ferguson’s MU still excelled at surpassing Liverpool himself to win the Premier League.

Vidic had a disastrous match against Torres

Man United 2-1 Liverpool, FA Cup 4th Round, January 24, 1999

Before this match, MU had a 77-year history unbeaten against Liverpool in the FA Cup. This sad record seemed to have been ended by Liverpool when they led MU 1-0 to the 87th minute of the match. However, striker Dwight Yorke scored right in the 88th minute to equalize the Reds and just 2 minutes later, “young-faced assassin” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hit a fatal sword to win 2- 1 for MU. What a painful defeat for The Kop.

Man United 1-0 Liverpool, FA Cup Final, May 11, 1996

The two teams struggled for 85 minutes with countless missed opportunities, but in the 85th minute, MU star Eric Cantona spoke up with a mighty shot that tore Liverpool. The goal brought the FA Cup to MU and was also the last title of King Eric in the MU shirt, because at the end of the 1995/1996 season, Cantona announced his retirement.

Liverpool 3-3 Man United, Premier League, January 4, 1994

This is one of the most exciting matches in the early stages of the Premier League era. MU’s army took a 3-0 lead to Liverpool at Anfield, but their immaturity made them go upstream and split points with a 3-3 draw. This match is also remembered by the famous Liverpool fans’ banner: “Come back when you (MU) win 18 Trophies”. At this time, MU only had a total of 8 national championships. However, Liverpool’s record of 18 championships was finally crushed by MU when the number of MU national titles at this time reached 20.

A fierce dispute between the players of the two teams.

Liverpool 2-0 Man United, First Division, April 26, 1992

In the last season in the First Division, Liverpool encountered MU with the posture of a big man, and the Red Devils came to Anfield as a man who was aiming for the championship. However, despite the slumping performance, Liverpool still makes Man United hate with a separate 2-goal victory. After the 1991/1992 season, the First Division was officially renamed the Premier League. 

Man United 2-1 Liverpool, FA Cup semi-finals (replay), April 17, 1985

In the first semifinal match, MU and Liverpool drew 2-2 in a dramatic 120-minute chase. The two teams entered the match at full speed in the replay and Liverpool were the team that opened the scoring with an own goal of a MU player. However, 2 goals from Bryan Robson and Mark Hughes corrected the mistakes of teammates, thereby winning the ticket to play the FA Cup Final to the Reds.  

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