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Looking For a Platform Filled with Content Makers You Can Engage With?

4 reasons why Livebeam fits the bill of purposes

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Social media platforms serve various purposes, ranging from entertainment to

information and to the most recent and resourceful one, creating content and even better, getting paid for it. This has given the avenue to a lot of talented content content makers to earn from what they love to do – creating content. Livebeam is one such social media platform that dedicates a lot of effort to getting the best and most talented content makers around.

The content makers on Livebeam do more than solve the purpose of creativity, they also are normal users of the platform. This means that they are online to chat and

interact with people alike. If your aim online is to get to know content makers some more through direct interaction, Livebeam has to be considered when picking a communication platform.

Here are 4 reasons why Lovebeam perfectly fits the description of a platform where you can have one-on-one interaction with several content makers:

1. Values

The difficult part about finding content makers online is finding those who you can

interact with. Furthermore, the second most difficult part is finding your own content maker from a particular niche.

Livebeam basically solves this problem. There are a lot of content makers on Livebeam, and the best part is that they are from different parts of the world with different niches and interests. This is achieved due to Livebeam’s strong values of diversity and


Livebeam believes that nobody deserves to be lonely, everyone needs a chat buddy and different avenues to have genuine conversations. Due to this belief, Livebeam has gathered content makers from different spheres of the earth all on one site just for you to engage freely and create new interactions and fun memories.

Want to know how Livebeam is able to manage the link-up and the initiation of genuine conversations? Then keep on reading.

2. Features

When it comes to Livebeam features, one could go on and on. There are many features you will get to enjoy when you sign up on Livebeam, but here are a few picks by us:

  • Search criteria
  • Profile page creation
  • Conversation Starter suggestion

These three features are specially picked because of their effect at different points in an interaction on Livebeam. So, let’s take a look at what they are all about.

  • Profile Page Creation

Once you sign up on Livebeam, the first thing you are required to do is answer a few questions about why you joined the platform. Afterward, you can now edit your profile page to describe all that you are about. The same process goes for the numerous content makers on the platform. The content makers on Livebeam have a well-furnished profile page from which you can get to know a lot about them.

In the profile pages of content makers on Livebeam, you get to see their pictures, their

interests, their identifying information, and other things they do to get by. With this set of information, you can make a final decision if you are interested in having such a content maker as a part of your communication circle.

  • Conversion Starter Suggestions

Taking things a bit further, let’s talk about a feature that is useful during the engagements with content makers. The other features do well to help you find a content maker of your choice and decide if they are a great fit for a chatting experience but the conversation starter suggestion helps to propel this engagement.

This feature is found in every chat, it is represented by a question mark just beside the text box for typing your messages. Within these question marks are always different

interesting and revealing questions. Livebeam has provided this question bank to kickstart chats or sometimes keep them going. Not every chat would need them but you can’t always know what to say especially when engaging with content content makers.

Using these conversation starters can do well to keep you in the loop of things while you adapt to the conversation.

3. Community

Everybody knows the saying, “Blood is thicker than water”. The saying majorly describes how it is believed that there is a closer bond between family members that are blood-related compared to with friends. Livebeam tries to use this perspective to its advantage by providing a community feel on the platform.

There is a timeline that shows you new posts from different content makers. You do not need to have to follow or ask anyone to be your friend to view this. Everyone on the platform is directly connected to all the content makers, and they get to see the posts.

This is why the chats that you will have with content makers on Livebeam are usually smooth and comfortable, like one that you will have with a sibling. The community structure of the communication platform works really well in maintaining engagements with anyone.

4. Modernity

This is a solid reason why Livebeam fits the bill perfectly to get you and content makers to engage in a straightforward manner. Livebeam is a modern-day communication platform. What that means is that they clearly understand that people want to interact and make friends, but sometimes they need a push. They also understand that content is king and in one way or another, other people like to be attached to content creation.

Modern-day platforms are the new way to go in communication. If your target is to engage with content makers on the internet, then Livebeam is the mustto try.