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MABY – Help Customers Find Your Nail Salon for FREE

What will help customers choose your nail salon when there are thousands of nail salons out there like your salon? You have a headache thinking of different marketing strategies to attract customers, keeping them loyal to your salon. You have tried a few ways, but it doesn’t work. Don’t worry, because now you have Maby.

Suggested list of Nail Salons based on the feature Nail Salon Near You

This is a feature that directs customers to the nail salons on the Maby app. Maby has developed this feature with a goal to grow business and increase income for nail salons, totally free of charge. All nail salon owners have to do is just sign up an account with Maby and register for this service.  Experience the “Nail Salons Near You” feature and watch your business grow.

Nail salon owners incur a significant amount of money to maintain a working marketing plan. In most cases, marketing expenses account for up to 10% of total sales; therefore, the challenge is to find a strategy that works best for you at a minimal cost. In this case, adoption of Maby app in your nail salon may be the solution. 

The following features in Maby’s CRM (customer relation management) system provide your nail salon with many benefits:

Automatic Reminders

Maintaining contact with consumers from the time they book can help cut down the odds of cancellation. Easily and swiftly boost revenue while improving customer satisfaction.

Messages will be sent based on predetermined circumstances.

For the purpose of catering to clients at various phases and in a variety of groupings, there are a number of alternative message scenarios or tailored messages for each event.

Computerized systems for customer care

The system will automatically take care of consumers depending on many parameters and maintain a close relationship with customers on different occasions: birthdays, reminders for upcoming appointments, making new appointments and reviews after service appointments.

Making recommendations on favored programs for clients

The incentive programs that are most likely to be successful in boosting income for the salon will be analyzed and suggested by the appointment scheduling optimization system.