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Mac or Windows: 6 Steps to Converting WebP to JPG Bulk

When analyzing image formats, you probably realized that most of them use either lossy or lossless compression, resulting in differences in file size and color integrity. However, Webp is a bit different.

In WebP, both lossy and lossless compression are used to reduce the size of the image while maintaining a relatively high quality. As opposed to JPEG, WebP files require Google Chrome or another WebP viewer to be opened, it is not as web-friendly as JPEG. Thus, we may need to convert WebPs to JPEG at some point.

It is possible to solve this issue both online and offline using WebP to JPG converters, but we often require something more! This page lists six methods for bulk converting WebPs to JPGs on both Mac and Windows systems.

Top Bulk WebP to JPG Converter 2021 (Windows & Mac)

We tested NCH Software’s Pixelillion Image Converter on macOS and Windows, and it converted WebP images flawlessly on both platforms. Its ability to read/write and convert an array of formats, along with the quality of its output, make it a favorite of many users.

Pixillion Image Converter possesses the following features: 

  • 50+ image formats supported
  • Convert images into the following 20 formats: png to webp, jpg to heic, pdf to heic
  • Batch conversion of processes
  • Resizing, flipping, rotating, adding watermarks
  • Explicitly share
  • Provide the option to choose output

Here is How to Batch Convert WebP to JPG

  1. Install and open Pixillion Image Converter from its website to try it for free.
  2. You can drag and drop WebP images into the program to convert them to jpgs in batch
  3. Select JPEG as the output format.
  4. The output JPEG file can be customized by choosing Compression Settings or Options.
  5. You can export WebP as a JPEG file on Mac or Windows by clicking Convert.

Software to convert WebP to JPG in bulk (Mac, Windows)

       1. Mac Preview

Preview is the best option for converting WebP to JPG on Mac and for free. It reads WebP files and converts them to JPGs without requiring additional software installation. Although it does convert WebP images, the workflow is not as efficient as one created by a professional WebP converter.

For Mac users, here is how to bulk convert WebP to JPG.

  • Click the right mouse button on all WebP images to open all with Preview.
  • In Preview, select them again all.
  • You can export selected images after selecting File>Export.
  • To convert the file, click on Choose, choose JPEG as the output format, then click on Options. 

    2. Mac & Windows XnConvert

It is XnConvert, an open-source program for opening, editing, and converting WebP and other 500+ images on Mac, Windows, even Linux.

You can edit images using the basic and advanced editing tools in this free image converter software. You have complete control over the output preferences, even if it’s not visually stylish. During the converting process, there may also be a loss of resolution.

XnConvert provides a free way to bulk convert WebP to JPG.

  • Install and run XnConvert on your Mac or Windows device by downloading it for free from its official website.
  • Import WebP images by dragging and dropping them or by clicking Add files.
  • Edit the image first by adding an action or multiple actions under the Actions tab.
  • Select JPG as output, as well as filename, destination folder, and options on the Output tab.
  • To bulk convert WebP to JPG, click the Convert button at the bottom.

Online batch conversion from WebP to JPEG

In my experience, I would never use web-based tools cluttered with advertisements, as this could invite malware, ransom programs, or lead you directly to some harmful websites. So, when selecting a WebP to JPG converter online for free, I prioritize security, and pay attention to conversion quality. Check out the following list now.

  1. Cloudconvert

My personal use of Google Drive led me to find one day that cloudconvert is a recommend document reader for Google Docs, which is also why cloudconvert made this list.

You can be sure that it’s totally ad-free.

Its Features

  • We provide conversion tools for archiving, audio, CAD, documents, ebooks, fonts, images, presentations, spreadsheets, vectors, and videos.
  • Images can be compressed, PDFs can be merged, and websites can be captured
  • Create a JPG image from a WebP file
  • Files in Webp are batch converted
  • Settings for output: engine, width, height, fit, stripe, quality

Free online batch conversion service: 

  1. You can convert WebP to JPG by visiting cloudconvert WebP to JPG.
  2. Upload WebP files in batch to the website, either by dragging and dropping or using the Select File function.
  3. For customized JPG output, click Settings.
  4. To convert, click Convert.
  5. Save all JPG files to your folder by clicking the green Download button.

    2. Zamzar

Without doubt, Zamzar is one of the best online free choices to convert WebP images, 510 million files since 2016 well explains why so many users finally pick this tool.

One of Zamzar’s biggest improvements spanning these years is that there is no need to submit email address to download the target files anymore, just saves us from spams in the mailbox.

The Features

  • Convert image, audio, video, document, etc.
  • Batch convert WebP and other files

Here is How to Batch Convert WebP to JPG Online Free

  1. Navigate to Zamzar WebP to JPG in your web browser.
  2. Click Add Files to upload WebP files, or directly drag and drop.
  3. Click Convert Now to start the conversion.
  4. Download the JPG files to your folder. 

    3. Anywebp

Using AnyWebP, all image details are preserved without affecting image quality, resolution, or clarity. You can also convert files in batches. AnyWebP is the only method that supports batch conversion and is also featured on 

And what’s more cool? 

You don’t even need to upload your images to the server which makes this tool to be the best among others that uploads your pictures to server first posing a privacy concern among many people.

And these are the reasons why Anywebp is on the top list.

The Features

  • Convert WebP to Jpeg, png, ico etc.
  • Batch convert WebP to other formats
  • Convert without uploading

Follow these steps to batch convert WebP to JPG online.

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. Drag and drop WebP files to the program.
  3. Select your preffered output version
  4. Then click Start Conversion.

See detailed review at Trendstorys.


Whether you choose a professional WebP to JPG converter, an online image converter or a free download image converter, all three of these types will convert your WebP image. A professional WebP to JPG converter will save you a lot of time, preserve the original quality, and help you save money as well.