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MAGFAST Products Allow Consumers To Charge All Of Their Devices Efficiently

In today’s society, people do not want to wait around for their devices to charge. Everyone leads busy lives and they have no time to deal with messy cords and excessive charging times. In March, MAGFAST launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the creation of a new type of charging product. Their goal was to reach $300,000, and they reached that goal in just 15 minutes.

There are six MAGFAST charger options to choose from in the family of products. Each one covers a different type of charging situation. Each of the company’s power banks offers replaceable built-in cables, self-storage, wireless charging capabilities, traditional USB-A connections and USB-C connections.

MAGFAST Chargers For Every Situation

No matter what device you need to be charged quickly, the company has the perfect product for your situation. LifeCharger is a portable charging power bank that can charge any type of device. If you want a charger that is strong enough to jumpstart your car, you may choose the LifeCharger Extreme. Other options the company offers include the AirCharger, RoadCharger, WallCharger and TimeCharger for use with Apple Watches.

Founder And CEO Of MAGFAST

Seymour Segnit is the passionate and dedicated CEO and founder of the MAGFAST charger family of products. He studied engineering in the United Kingdom at Oxford University. His love of engineering and internet marketing helped him make the company successful. Segnit wanted to find a way to change the charging industry once and for all. The company’s goal is to revolutionize how people charge their multiple devices and create a truly wireless experience for consumers like never before.

Seymour Segnit came up with the idea for the chargers while looking for chargers on the market for his family. He said he spent many hours searching for the perfect products and had no luck. The Qi charger is one of the more simple and elegant of the family of chargers. It is a simple-to-use charging stand that users can put on their desks or nightstands. It can also be snapped onto the power banks using powerful magnets. Shipping for any of the products began at the end of 2019.

People who choose to help with purchasing a product from this startup company will receive a free gift with their purchase. They will also have a tree planted in their name. The campaign is looking to make the planet greener and save the earth by reducing the number of chargers and wires that end up in landfills. The program is hoping to make a real difference in the world by helping people enjoy more of their time with friends and family instead of worrying about charging their devices.

How The Company Wants To Simplify Your Device Charging Needs

There’s been an increase in demand for a cleaner charging experience. One of the main issues people find with chargers today is that there are too many to choose from, and most chargers are not high quality. It is annoying that you need multiple charging cables for use with all of your devices, even if they come from the same manufacturer.

When you use a MAGFAST charger, it can be used on its own or connected with other chargers from the same family of products. Each unit offers rapid, easy charging without messy wires getting in the way. These chargers are meant to last and do not need replacing like other chargers on the market.

The best feature of these chargers is that they have a unique way to connect that uses magnets. This allows users to connect more than one charger quickly and easily without the need for wires.