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Majority of Gaming Revenue Generated by Mobile Gaming

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Although it will come as no surprise to anyone that mobile gaming has increased in popularity over recent years, it may surprise people to know that in 2021 52% of video game revenue came in via smartphones. When you consider that this equates to $128 Billion AUD it makes sense that more gaming brands are wanting to get on board with the mobile gaming trend. 

The Evolving Gaming Trend

Video games might not be anything new, but the way they are put to us is always changing. For example, we’re starting to see an increase in interest in Augmented Reality games and being able to play via the metaverse. Gamers tend to be fans of technology and are keen for their games to do more and more with each release, which is what has helped the gaming trend to thrive and go.

Over recent years smartphone ownership has increased and with it the ability for these devices to do even more – which is why gaming via your handset is now more accessible than ever. In the fact, there have been photos that have been geared towards gamers (the Razer and the ASUS ROG for example) which had varied success, but things have definitely shifted. Electronic Arts have launched new games in the Battle Royale sector for both Android and iOS which are already proving popular. 

Industries Where Mobile Gaming is Popular

The video game industry isn’t the only one to be paying attention to mobile gaming and all of its possibilities. The online casino sector is one that has been quick to jump on the trend and off tailor-made apps that help to make the online gambling experience as fun as possible. Fair Go Casino is the perfect example, as their website has a number of exciting casino games that can be accessed via pretty much any smart device. They’re a brand that recognised that people didn’t want to be tied to their laptop or computer to enjoy a flutter and instead want to be able to play casino games on the move.

The world of online gaming is one that is likely to continue changing and adapting, especially if the likes of metaverse take off in the way that many experts predict. We’ll soon have virtual reality spaces to enjoy games via and this might well change the shift in mobile gaming once again, but for now, at least international video game revenue being generated via smartphone devices shows no signs of slowing down.