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Managed VPS: Why You Need it For Your Business

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VPS servers are considered to be the best hosting option for beginners. In a VPS, each physical server gives rise to multiple virtual private servers. The websites of users are hosted by these virtual servers. Each user gets their virtual server and all its resources to themselves. Unlike in shared hosting, VPS users do not need to share their server space and resources with anyone else.

Accuweb hosting was established in 2003 and is on a mission to empower developers and businesses by simplifying the deployment of infrastructure via its advanced Linux, Windows, and cloud platforms. AccuWeb Hosting is a leading industry web hosting provider with 19+ years of experience. 

AccuWeb has been offering its most reliable and Lightning Fast hosting services at a very affordable price to its global clients, with over 101,030 global clients and still counting. In addition, they provide 15+ server locations so that you can launch your Linux VPS hosting plans nearest to your targeted audience.

The companies that own these kinds of hosting servers and rent them to users are called web hosting providers. When it comes to VPS hosting, these providers present you with two main options. You can go for a managed VPS plan or an unmanaged VPS plan. Unmanaged plans are provided with just the VPS server and the resources to support your website. You won’t be offered any more benefits than that.

Now coming to a managed VPS plan, it is a much more convenient option to host your website. When you opt for a managed service, your service provider is promising to take care of all your server management. Just purchasing a service plan is not enough to effectively run a website. Like everything else, servers need to be updated, modified and monitored regularly. This ensures that your website is kept up to date and is always working at its best. Now maintaining your server is easier said than done. It requires you to invest some resources such as time, effort, and money. This is where a managed service steps in and makes the task easy for you.

Benefits of a managed VPS plan

  • The biggest benefit a managed plan is going to offer is the money on capital that is going to be saved. A VPS server, for it to be run it requires some capital from your side. To run your VPS server by yourself, you need to have a certain level of technical knowledge. It takes more than one technically literate individual to run and manage a VPS server for your business. This means that you need to hire individuals to take care of your server maintenance. These technically skilled personals do not come cheap either. Using a managed VPS plan will save you a lot of money on staff in the long run.
  • Running a VPS server is time-consuming. It is something that needs to be monitored and conducted daily. Updating, making necessary changes, taking security measures, etc daily can take up a lot of time and energy from your end. This time could otherwise be wisely spent on improving your business. Choosing a managed VPS plan in this scenario is the perfect solution for you. You will not be expected to put in any time regarding the maintenance of your website. All the required activities will be conducted by your host promptly.
  • Security is a major concern when it comes to web hosting. Even though VPS servers are considered to be safe, they are still not secured to the full extent. If your website happens to get infected with a virus, this can result in you losing visitors. If you are maintaining your server by yourself then you might miss out on a very important security update. This can affect your business in a bad way. Your managed service providers will take extra care to make sure your server is safe and secure at all times. Most managed VPS plans also come with firewall protection. This software guarantees added security for your server and website.

Choosing a managed VPS plan offers a lot of benefits for your website. Although it can be a little pricier than an unmanaged service, a managed plan will save you much more on cost and time in the long run.