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Marketplace App Development Services

Advantages of developing a marketplace app for business

Marketplaces app development is a brilliant concept – fact. McKinsey & Company found out that about 80% of B2B decision-makers prefer digital due to lower travel expenses, scheduling simplification, and safety.

So, talk about marketplaces, benefits, types and find out what it takes to develop a high-quality marketplace.

Advantages of developing a marketplace app for business

Matches sellers and buyers

Marketplaces are beneficial for various-sized entrepreneurship as they create new ways to conduct the sales. Startups can make a run at buyers attraction. For bigger-sized businesses, marketplaces are an excellent option to broaden the customer network. On the top, marketplaces construct a bridge between vendors and buyers that is awarding for marketplace owners.

Provides statistics

Marketplaces are fitted up with analytics and metrics placed on easy-to-use dashboards and admin panels. They grant access to valuable for vendor information on how well a certain item is sold. Marketplaces become an ultimate tool for business persons as it frees of complex calculations and gives hints on the ways to boost promotion campaign.

Ensures comfort

The business is rapidly shifting to online. Entrepreneurship’s traditional methods are left behind the times and replaced by a new one with paper-free processes and instant transactions. Marketplaces enable inexperienced flexibility and comfort.

Enables payment options

Marketplaces offer more payment choices than card or cash. One-click solutions may be introduced for the in-app or on-site payments, that are Apple Pay, PayPal One-Touch, Amazon Pay, etc.

Marketplace types

The world is being integrated into online intensely. Physical stores are not any different. They were succeeded by marketplaces, the popularity of which is growing over years.

According to the technical representation, marketplaces are E-commerce and M-commerce. E-commerce is an online platform, while M-commerce is a mobile app. Both are used for selling and buying goods and services.

Marketplaces exist in various types that depend on relationships between a seller and a buyer. To be more exact, it leans on who stands behind them.

Business-to-business (B2B) is medium in trade relationships between 2 business. Retailers, wholesalers, or manufacturers refer to this type of marketplaces to ensure the business flow.

Business-to-customer (B2C) marketplace is a place where individual may buy or order goods/ services provided by several businesses.

Customer-to-customer/ peer-to-peer (C2C/ P2P) marketplaces match individuals to sell/ buy goods or services via an platform.

Multi-vendor unites multiple seller in one e-commerce platform.

The usage of marketplaces across the industries is of massive scale. Let’s see them up and running.


Realtors, property sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants get in on housing trade in a single marketplace. A marketplace development company faces the challenge of making a product that is able to cope with as large amounts of data, advertisements, content.


Marketplaces make education is accessible for everyone. Tons of courses and educational programs from diverse universities, colleges and professionals are uploaded in a single place. Also, marketplaces can provide ways to promote courses and assess the studies success admin panels.


Flights, accommodation, tours are jammed together in a marketplace. Trip planning gets much pleasanter and faster when users just can easily scroll and compare the offers, booking a flight or a hotel in a click.

Our team has delivered numerous marketplace development services solutions. They have been visualized and are presented on our website. Several case studies will tell and show that mentioned in this article isn’t all talk and no action.

Celadon is marketplace development service renderer with great expertise in developing marketplaces. Based on our downs and ups, we have generated our own marketplace app development approach:


Team gets in on a project with a thorough target audience and marketing research to oil the wheel, the complete picture of works to be done. After that, we initiate planning the workflow and drafting the documentation.

Design drawing

Blue-sky thinking creates the beauty and UX and UI. Designers open the production cycle with analyses of brand, product idea, goals, traits, and last but not least TA. Next goes the work through a concept or prototype that are to be reviewed by a client. The When a concept or prototype are confirmed, the designers turn a concept or prototype into screens and animated prototypes. This step helps the team and client to understand the logic and behavior of an app. After another approval, the work shifts to developing of an easy on the eye and adaptive UX/ UI. The final note of the design stage is the client’s another review.


Ready made, reviewed design handed over to developers. The team is set up in advance according to the members’ skills and experience. As one would expect, code is written at this stage. But before coding, developers define process, come up with a roadmap. Once pre-development work is done, they start coding. As well as for design, at the development stage, the team stays in constant touch with clients. This helps to avoid crucial mistakes or correct remarks at the beginning. We use the following technology to build a marketplace: react, React Native, JS, typescript, Redux, next.js, express, strapi, mongo db.

QA & Testing

Our QA & Testing heroes do their best to ensure that bugs won’t cut it. Beside the code, the team tests marketplace usability, performance, etc. When tests are done, the testers address the bugs report to the developers. The later ones, in their turn, fix bug and the marketplace goes back to the testers. The app is turnovered from developers to testers until it becomes clean of bugs.

Launch and post-release stay

At Celadon, we don’t call off the work after launching an app, but proceed with product support and updates. After the release, marketing and store optimization may be an option provided by our experts for app to fly.

Celadon is a team that will bring you into uncharted marketplace water. We develop Intuitive and ground puller interface, high scalability and split-second loading, bug-free marketplaces. If you came up with an idea of marketplace development or looking for a reliable developer, drop us a line, and we’ll go back to you with a consultation.