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Mastering Requirements for Spotify

Spotify is a modern online audio streaming service where users can listen to audio files (music, podcasts) without downloading. If you are wondering how to do mastering for Spotify, follow this link So, let’s find out what are the mastering requirements for Spotify.

Place of Spotify among other streaming platforms

Spotify is a streaming service where you can listen to music. This service has many analogues, for example, iTunes, but in the period from 2010-2016 Spotify took a leading position. Spotify has the ability to listen to music for free, but not without restrictions.

Spotify’s library is very extensive, it contains about 50 million tracks, this variety is simply amazing. The service has the advantage of being cross-platform. Specifications  of this service are at their best. Everything is very convenient and adapted to the maximum for comfortable listening to music.

In addition, there are guidelines to help users choose material according to their preferences. It is also possible to subscribe to artists and listen to their tracks. Overall, it is a very user-friendly streaming platform where you can find quality sound.

Spotify requirements for mastering

The last track normalization is related to mastering. This is the process of finalizing the music track to create high quality sound. Mastering is more of a technical process that deals with loudness, sound clarity and other parameters.

Spotify has set the following mastering requirements:

  • High-quality sounding of the composition
  • Volume normalization
  • Compliance with the declared parameters

Spotify requires mastering of compositions to be of the highest possible quality, so that there are no big differences in sound volume and sound purity. If you want to conquer the Spotify site, you should improve your music, improve the sound version. Also, don’t make the music too loud or too quiet, it won’t make it better. If you are planning an album release, we suggest professional album mastering so your songs can get released on time and with the best possible sound.

When uploading music to Spotify, it is necessary to adhere to -1dBTP (peak in decibels), this is necessary for further optimization. The most ideal volume for the Spotify platform is from -14 to -7 decibels. An important condition is that there should not be too many distortions in the final master.

Of course, many performers dream of getting on Spotify so that their music could be heard by millions of people around the world, but for this you need to have a high-quality sound that will not be louder than allowed.

Professional mastering increases your chances of your music hitting the top and gaining a large number of plays.

Therefore, if you decide to upload a track to this platform, first conduct a full mastering and tighten all the parameters so that the vocals and musical accompaniment are in harmony and complement each other. Responsible music production is guaranteed to lead you to great results that will help you achieve listener recognition, making it a great platform for aspiring musicians and singers to be heard all over the world. Visit EarthWeb and meet Spotify mastering requirements and win the hearts of listeners.