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Mastering Valorant: The Benefits of an Upgraded Valorant Account

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Taking your Valorant gameplay to the next level requires not only a dedicated mindset but also a superior Valorant account. Excelling in this high-paced, competitive shooter can be challenging, especially when you’re just starting out. Valorant’s ranking system can feel daunting, and to truly enjoy the game, it’s critical to play with serious, committed players who match your skill level. That’s where a better Valorant account, particularly one purchased from iGV, a trusted and reliable platform, can enhance your gaming experience and propel your journey towards the coveted Radiant rank.

iGV is an established and respected website where you can buy a high-level Valorant account securely and swiftly. Their Valorant accounts come with a variety of benefits, including access to more and better skins and weapons. The company offers a seamless and efficient process, ensuring a safe and speedy way to enhance your gaming experience and attain higher ranks.

Attaining Platinum rank, the gateway to truly enjoying Valorant, is an ambitious yet achievable goal. As a player who embarked on this journey starting as Silver 2, I can attest to the challenges and rewards it offers. Upgrading your Valorant account can ease this progression, allowing you access to better equipment and a more significant edge in gameplay. Now, let’s look at some strategies and tactics that can help you ascend the ranks.

Perfecting Your Aim

The first and foremost requirement in FPS games is a consistent aim. The better and more stable your aim, the more enemies you can take down. Aim Lab, a free game available on Steam, is an excellent tool for honing your aim. Moreover, Valorant’s own Polygon mode offers valuable exercises to improve your shooting skills. Investing 15-20 minutes a day in aim training can dramatically enhance your in-game performance, enabling you to outgun your opponents.

Engaging in Death Matches

Warm-up is essential before jumping into Valorant’s Competitive Mode. Death Matches serve as an excellent platform for this purpose, as it prepares you for the high-pressure environment of ranked matches. Moreover, these matches sharpen your auditory skills, essential for determining the location of your enemies.

Adjusting Your Mouse Sensitivity and DPI

One crucial factor that can significantly affect your performance is mouse sensitivity and DPI. Many successful esports athletes maintain a low mouse sensitivity to ensure precision. However, this should be a gradual process, and you should adjust your settings according to your comfort level.

Investing in a High Refresh Rate Monitor

A high refresh rate monitor can put you ahead of your competitors. If your monitor supports 144 Hz, and your opponent’s monitor only has a 60 Hz refresh rate, you’ll see them before they see you, giving you the upper hand.

Expanding Your Agent Pool

If you usually play Valorant alone, mastering various agents is critical. This can provide you with alternate options if your primary agent is chosen by another player. Moreover, knowing the abilities and powers of all agents can provide a strategic advantage.

Improving Your Crosshair Positioning

Your crosshair is vital for landing headshots and making a consistent spray. Keep it as small as possible for better visibility of the opponent and always align it to stand right in the middle of the screen.

Utilizing Lurk Tactics

Lurk tactics can be especially effective at lower ranks. It involves staying back and catching enemies off guard as they rush out to engage your teammates. However, this tactic doesn’t work as well in advanced ranks.

Avoid Running & Shooting with Vandal and Phantom

Running while shooting can significantly decrease your accuracy. It’s best to shoot while standing or crouching if you’re using rifles like Vandal or Phantom.

Aim for Exit Frags

Exit fragging is a tactic that can boost your KDA and impact the opponent’s economy. It’s best used when you are the last one standing in your team.

Investing in a better Valorant account from iGV can significantly enhance your gameplay, offering you access to superior weaponry, skins, and an overall competitive edge. With the tactics mentioned above and a reliable platform like iGV, the path to the Radiant rank becomes smoother and more enjoyable.


Mastering Valorant is not an overnight process. It requires dedication, practice, and the right mindset. By investing in a better Valorant account and following the strategies and tactics outlined above, you can gain an edge over your competitors and climb the ranks. Remember, the journey to Radiant is long, but with the right resources and approach, you can make it happen.