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Meddic and Meddic Sales process

Describe Meddic.

An abbreviation for a series of instructions or a manual for salespeople to follow while assessing potential clients is MEDDIC. It aids them in deciding if it would be worthwhile to approach or introduce a particular client to them in the salesperson sales targets. Meddic makes sure a salesman is familiar with their clients. If they are qualified to participate in a specific deal, you can ensure that your sales are made to the appropriate prospects and in the correct method, making it easier for both the seller and the buyer to close deals.

Meddic sales process

A higher deal closure rate in their sales will result from pitching to well qualified leads and prospects, according to Meddic’s sale procedure. This detailed procedure provides the appropriate lead qualities to make sure you’re laying a strong foundation and hitting your team’s sales target. This method is attributed to the quick rise in sales of businesses like parametric technology firm, which went from having sales of just $3 million to $1 billion in less than ten years. To begin guiding them toward sales, sales teams must quickly identify prospects who fit with their sales target. They frequently make the wrong decisions and pursue unworthy undertakings as a result of a bad qualification procedure, wasting time, risking burnout, or incurring hefty costs.

What does Meddic stand for, and how does it work?


Metric shows prospective customers the financial advantages of choosing your solution over rivals. The statistic assists the sales team in estimating the financial benefit the client anticipates, and if they are aware of the financial benefits the client is looking for, they can demonstrate how their solution ensures a favorable return on investment. A strong economic view point argument brings sales even closer.

Economic buyer

Find out who has the authority to approve purchases and sign contracts at the prospective company. Knowing the precise person your teams need to persuade to invest in your sales process because of their power of veto depends on your understanding of the thinking of the decision maker, who is typically someone high up in the command chain. The teams can better understand the buyer’s expectations, personal preference, and decision-making process by speaking with them personally. The sales team can now modify their solution to make it absolutely enticing to the buyer by utilizing the information that was sourced.

Decision criteria

Sales teams need to know the factors the prospect considers when making a decision to buy. The majority of prospective organizations will receive a range of proposals, which forces them to only choose and make decisions that only work for them. You may better tailor your solution to the needs of the target client by understanding how they arrive at their decisions. This facilitates the rapid and simple closure of transactions when both parties leave happy with their purchases.

Decision process

The decision process informs the salesperson about how the purchase decision is made and continues until the sale is completed. The salesperson should determine and influence the steps that lead to the prospect agreeing to buy. Deals are less likely to fall through when the decision-making process has been determined due to lack of positive results. Because they know what the prospect company expects, the sales team will work to meet the conditions that guarantee a sale to the prospect company.

Identify pain

Identifying pain points assists the sales team in determining which pain points and products can assist prospect companies in relieving them. If the client is not in pain, he or she will not pursue the solution. As a result, the sales team must understand what is causing the pain and how their solution can alleviate it. Pain manifests itself in various ways, such as slow production, low revenue, and high costs. After identifying it, the sales team will inform the prospect of the consequences of failing to address the pain or making the wrong decision, as well as how the solution will address it.


Find out if there is a person associated to your potential employer who can voice out on your account and has a vested interest in your success. The individual most immediately affected by the company’s problems or who stands to gain the greatest benefit from the achievement of your solution will be the champion. They will generate internal pressure on the prospect to purchase the solution because they want to succeed in business.

In general, medic provides a framework for qualifying leads at the beginning of every sale, asking the most critical questions to move deals forward; focusing on these elements makes it easier to identify sales-ready leads than those unlikely to buy.