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Meet Universimm: The Social Network That’s Out to Beat Threads

Human beings are inherently wired for meaningful connections, and this fundamental desire is vividly reflected in the way we engage with social networks. Take, for instance, the seismic shift witnessed during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. A multitude of social media users transitioned from the polished Instagram feed to the raw authenticity of TikTok. Whereas the content on Instagram presents the illusion that all the platform users have picture-perfect lives, TikTok prioritizes unfiltered content. 

This social media shift is a testament to society’s growing hunger for genuine connections. The global crisis prompted by the pandemic brought about a profound change in content consumption habits, with individuals increasingly gravitating towards content that celebrates authenticity. 

As new social networking platforms emerge, it is evident that the world is voting with its attention, spotlighting platforms that champion real, unfiltered connections. This shift has become even more pronounced with the recent introduction of Universimm – the first social network designed with a laser focus on the user’s unique interests.

As one early beta tester at Universimm says, “I’ve never been more excited about a social network before. Universimm is truly a game-changer. It brings together people with shared interests in an organic and authentic way. It’s the connection we’ve all been waiting for!”

What is Universimm?

Universimm is the newest social network on the block – one that combines the best features of Instagram, Reddit, and Threads in one place. This platform brings together the immersive features of Instagram, the interactive nature of Reddit and the intimacy of Threads. With this extraordinary combination, Universimm has marked its place on the social media landscape with a social media experience that is truly the first of its kind. 

Thanks to an intuitive algorithm and intelligent filtering capabilities, Universimm serves each user with relevant content that aligns with their unique interests – however niche they might be. Additionally, Universimm allows users to post content via 3 different channels – interests, topics, and countries. By doing so, Universimm ensures that users can easily share their content with their intended audience, fostering an atmosphere of true connection and engagement. 

The “country” feature helps both the everyday social media user and advertisers to break free from the boundaries imposed by traditional social networks. Simply put, social media users can make genuine, cross-border connections and have meaningful connections with like-minded people across the globe. On the other hand, advertisers can serve their ads without the need for user surveillance that other social networks rely on to display ads. 

Why is Universimm a game-changer?

In 2023, consumers care more about their privacy than ever before. There have been far too many stories about huge brands misusing user information. These stories reveal the horrendous ways in which websites peddle personal user data to the highest bidder. Is it surprising that we’ve been left feeling paranoid about every platform we sign up to? To make matters worse, the most notorious culprits include social networks that we use every day. At a time when consumers are demanding a new standard of data privacy, Universimm is attracting attention for all the right reasons.

The social media landscape in 2023 is also filled with users who are demanding more authenticity. COVID-19 shook humanity to its core, forcing us to take a good look at ourselves in the mirror and question how we were living our lives. 3 years after the pandemic hit, people have dropped the façade of a perfect life that platforms like Instagram promoted. In place of this illusion, humanity has embraced authenticity and – in turn – people are more drawn to content that they can relate to.

In the wake of this shift, platforms that champion authenticity and facilitate genuine connections have been on a meteoric rise. On the other hand, platforms whose algorithms bury content that users truly care about under content from airbrushed influencers with seemingly perfect lives are losing subscribers. This trend underpins precisely why Universimm is nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

At Universimm, rather than be at the mercy of an inaccurate algorithm, users can shape the algorithm, prompting it to serve relevant content that aligns with their interests. In this way, Universimm guarantees an engaging, immersive experience the likes of which other social networks cannot reproduce.

Meet Universimm founder, Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton, the mastermind behind Universimm, is no stranger to the business world. Universimm is his 4th project following his success with 3 startups in South America and the world’s top adventure travel business, boasting over 188 destinations. Ryan’s experience in the business world shines through in every aspect of Universimm. 

“Being on social media becomes a waste of time when you’re wading through lots of misinformation, disinformation, and content from people who you can’t relate with,” says Ryan. “I got tired of wasting time on social media, so I built one for you.”

In a world where our connections are increasingly virtual, Universimm offers a more meaningful and relevant social media experience

Universimm is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.