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Meme Your Way to Successful Social Media Marketing in 2019

Memes is a Growing Marketing Tool

Every second of every day, 893 images are uploaded to Instagram, while 8,350 Tweets are broadcasted in the same period of time. Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have developed into full-scale communication channels with an increasing number of brands relying on the power of the internet to interact with their target market. While images and videos have always ranked highest in terms of engagement, memes in particular are skyrocketing in popularity. Memes have seemingly become more popular than even Jesus himself according to Google Trends who recently stated that online searches for the former far exceed those of the latter. Apart from supplying endless laughs, memes can actually, when utilized correctly, become a very potent digital marketing tool.

Why are memes a good marketing tool?

More than 3 billion people are currently using social media with more than 60% stating they are using it primarily to browse funny content. Memes are of particular appeal to millennials who are known to spend nearly 200 minutes online every single day, giving brands ample opportunity to connect with their target audience. Memes are also able to negate the biggest disadvantage of social media and digital marketing in general: poor engagement. On a typical day of scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram newsfeeds the last thing you pay attention to is content that is very heavily branded. Instead, you swiftly scroll past anything that even remotely looks like an advertisement and find the first load of memes to lose yourself in.

Making the most of your meme marketing

When looking to cash in on the meme marvel, there are a few basic rules that need to be followed in order to create a successful digital marketing campaign. Ensure you have the right person writing your memes or you may be ousted for being unoriginal and trying too hard to blend in with the hip crowd. Take into mind that humor is very subjective and that not every meme your digital marketing team creates will appeal to everyone. Rather focus on your intended target market than try to create content that will be widely accepted. Don’t ever get caught trying to breathe life into old, dead memes. Instead, create your own, making absolutely sure they do not stereotype or are conducive of discrimination in any way.

Memes and their success stories

In recent years, big brands including Norwegian Airlines, Ruffles Chips, Nike, and Barkbox have all used memes in some of their highly-successful online media campaigns. This year, an increasing number of industry leaders are making use of memes to trigger client engagement as well as expand their market reach. Social media giant Facebook is also using the meme phenomenon to its full advantage and is even developing a meme-based service called LOL, which is aimed at teenagers. The concept, which is currently in its early stages, will be targeted at a new generation of Facebook users in a bid to regain some of the support lost amidst a host of privacy scandals over the last year.

As hot a trend as memes are at the moment, it is important not to have a knee-jerk reaction to it by inundating the various social media platforms with insipid content. Quality always trumps quantity and if you can deliver relevant, quality content that appeals to your market your digital marketing campaigns will undoubtedly be successful.

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