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Mendix Platform: A Guide for Beginners

Currently, business requirements and customer expectations are on the rise. Therefore, a company must build robust and agile mobile and web apps quickly to succeed in the highly competitive business environment. Thanks to the Mendix low-code app development platform, developers can build apps with numerous capabilities in no time. 

Are you new to Mendix? Don’t worry! This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through this low-code development platform, including core features, key capabilities, cloud deployment, how to get started, and more. Let’s start with the basics:

What is Mendix?

Mendix is a high-performance low-code application development platform that lets you develop and endlessly enhance mobile and web apps at scale. This low-code platform solely aims to accelerate enterprise application delivery throughout the development lifecycle. It does so by automating workflows and process flows of business applications. 

The Mendix solutions platform provides amazing speed and scalability, thereby promoting business growth. Whether you’re a citizen or a professional developer, this platform offers numerous tools and features to help you build apps in the best way.

Why is Mendix Considered a Low-Code Development Platform

Mendix uses the visual modeling development approach, where minimal coding is involved. It helps automate the app development lifecycle, streamlining and simplifying the deployment. As a result, Mendix aligns with low code development goals to increase business value by fostering speedy app delivery. 

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Features of the Mendix Platform

Mendix has numerous crucial features that support application development, cloud deployment, data integration, and process automation. 

Application Development 

This low-code application development solution has two platforms used to create apps: Mendix Studio Pro and Mendix Studio. Mendix Studio Pro is used by professional developers to custom-build and extend applications. On the other hand, Mendix Studio is used by citizen developers to quickly build Mendix apps and collaborate to build highly effective and intuitive web portals. 

Data Integration

Another crucial feature of the Mendix platform is the ability to integrate data into your app during its development. This low-code platform has a data hub catalog, an open-source and standards-dependent Metadata Repository that you can use to discover data resources via data hub connectors. 

Developers use the data hub-external to ensure that data is used consistently and safely. Also, specialized integrations and data preparation can be used to bridge the gap between iPaaS data and low-code solutions. 

Cloud Deployment

One notable feature that makes Mendix a suitable low-code app development platform for modern businesses is cloud deployment. This platform smoothens multi-cloud operations, thanks to the microservice applications that simplify the whole cloud operations. With Mendix cloud, you can centrally manage your applications, update patches, monitor logs, and schedule event within a single platform. 

Intelligent Automation

The key to building future-proof enterprise applications is centered around automation. Mendix is the first one-of-its-kind platform to support artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. This feature enables Mendix to automate business process flows and workflows.

With AI and machine learning technologies, Mendix offers data-powered solutions and delivers actionable insights to help developers build more efficient and effective enterprise apps. This platform embraces AI-centered technologies, including IoT and Digital Twin, to improve your business operations while delivering highly competitive digital solutions. 

What’s more, Mendix’s predictive capabilities help you deploy new workflow models into your business. Simply put, Mendix allows you to transform data into scalable business value through automation. 

Mendix Key Platform Capabilities

The Mendix platform capabilities start from building a flexible and scalable environment to simplified deployment as discussed: 

Flexible Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Mendix lets users choose IDE based on their level of expertise. Business developers can choose Mendix Studio, whereas professional developers can select Mendix Studio Pro. What’s even more interesting is that both IDEs can sync bidirectionally.

Prebuilt React Native Framework

This native framework allows you to build Mendix apps for Android and iOS. 

Seamless Collaboration 

Looking for a low-code development to support your collaboration goals? Well, Mendix has built-in collaboration tools that support various actions, including but not limited to feedback management, revision tracking, and agile project management. 

Visualize, Create, and Reuse

Mendix accelerates app delivery thanks to its highly visual development environment. It lets you build and use components of your app available for private and public reuse on the platform’s Marketplace. Also, it has extensions, including APIs and connectors, allowing you to integrate your Mendix apps with various external systems, like Siemens digital software, SAP, and IBM. 

Deploy Apps with a Single Click

Deploying Mendix apps is easier than ever before. These apps can run on private, hybrid, or public clouds within a single click without compromising data, tooling integration, or security business needs.

How to Get Started with the Mendix Low-Code Platform

First, you need to register on Mendix by tapping the “Try for free” or “Get Started” icon on the Mendix homepage. Upon signing up, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step planned onboarding experience that usually takes a couple of minutes. This “tour” gives you the background info you need to start creating your first app using the platform.

Once you’re there, you can head over to the diverse and rich Mendix Community or visit the Mendix Academy to get started on one of the numerous learning paths offered by this platform.

How to Build Your First App on the Mendix Platform

Mendix features several starter applications to offer all the scaffolding required to build your first Mendix app. Starter applications combine seamlessly with ready-to-use open-source elements downloaded from the platform’s Marketplace, including logic, user interface (UI) templates, and theme packs. You can use these components to build your first app faster. Also, you can develop company-specific starter applications and marketplace components and manage and store them in the company’s private Marketplace. 

Final Thought

The Mendix platform offers numerous opportunities for beginners to kick-start their application development careers. From a robust community and academy to guide you through your online learning path to leveraging AI-powered technologies, Mendix has everything you need to start building low-code applications. With these features, the Mendix platform allows you to develop and deploy apps within the shortest time possible and in the best way. 

Interested in low-code app development? Try the Mendix platform to accelerate your enterprise app development and empower your team to do more in less time.

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