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Mine Crypto on Phone: The Pros and Cons of this Type of Mining

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Smartphones and tablets have stepped far away from being simple means of communication. Nowadays, such devices allow you to plan your schedule, manage your investments, and even provide you with additional earnings if you use them for mining cryptocurrencies.

Mining ABC

Mining itself is a process of solving complex problems and adding new blocks to the blockchain. Those calculations are done by hardware, and with the increasing complexity of mining, you need to upgrade your hardware or buy new rigs. Trying to compete with Bitcoin or Ethereum miners is almost impossible as they invest millions of dollars in their rigs. With this in mind, mobile miners have a chance to mine some less popular cryptocurrencies using their smartphones or tablets.

Mobile Mining

Technically speaking, mobile mining is similar to desktop mining, meaning the miner uses his or her mobile hardware to earn new coins or tokens. Modern smartphones are more than suitable for this particular task. They have graphic cores and central processors. However, you should keep in mind that their capacity is far below that of desktop hardware.

To mine crypto on phone, you need to see the system requirements. Most modern smartphones allow you to use their graphics core to earn new coins or tokens. To start mining on your smartphone, you need to install special software, choose some options, and start the whole procedure. All those mobile mining applications are free. Therefore, you will have to pay for internet traffic. Electricity costs are not as significant as if you were dealing with PC mining.

Mobile mining can’t compete with desktop mining. Even if you can see some enthusiasts collecting farms that consist of only smartphones, they are less competitive when compared to farms that consist of GPUs or ASICs.

Mobile Mining Pros and Cons

When mining on your smartphone or tablet, you don’t need to buy a PC, or create a rig of GPUs or ASICs. Even if you have an old mobile device, you can try to use it for mining.

To start mobile mining, you don’t need to have special skills or previous experience. The only thing that matters is the application that you download and install.

Mobile mining is cost-effective. You only need to pay for electricity to charge your smartphone and for the internet. If you use a fixed Wi-Fi connection, you can use it for mobile mining as well.

As for the disadvantages, the main drawback of mobile mining is that it is less effective as compared to desktop farms. You can’t compete with those huge rigs, even if you create your own that consists of smartphones.

Another serious downfall of mobile mining is that this procedure increases wear of the device. Therefore, if you want to earn some additional coins by using this method, it is better to look for some old smartphones that are not currently in use for other tasks.