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Minimalist Web Design May Be Popular, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s The Route To Follow

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As far as interior design is concerned, plain and simple is better. Recently, the minimalist trend has returned; homeowners are opting for sleek, neutral tones over eye-catching colors. The fashion industry has done the opposite, according to, as demonstrated by the copious amounts of neon used during fashion week in 2019/2020. Web designers, on the other hand, appear to be divided. Some choose to use a minimalist strategy to simplify interfaces, and others believe consumers spend more time on beautiful, intricately designed websites than they do on plain ones.

Web design is essential to a company’s online marketing presence. Check out web design agency SF. So it is no surprise to see professionals in the industry covering all the bases and seeing what works better when it comes to bounce rates, conversion, and overall visual interest. That said, we live in a very face-paced world, and research over the years has indicated that when consumers are time-limited, the majority prefer to see beautiful, content-rich websites.

Less Is More Isn’t Always The Case With Web Design

Granted, too many distractions take away from a company’s goods or services, but you also want to make sure your website design is trendy and professional as this will boost consumer trust. When a company goes with a minimalist web-design strategy, they risk looking outdated and unprofessional. While appealing in a living room, neutral tones can make it seem like a company hasn’t utilized the various graphic design tools the internet has equipped us with. As such, a rule of thumb is the more color, the better.

Additionally, content-rich web designs promote brand consistency, another way to build trust with your customers. The most successful and trusted brands are those that incorporate unique colors, typography, logos, and styles, such as Netflix, which, as highlights, has a universally recognizable sound logo (“Ta-dum”). Another example is the Canadian online casino, Casumo Casino. has reviewed it and found that through the use of bright, primary colors and alien-like friendly characters, the user experience on Casumo is at a different level than its counterparts and makes it more recognizable. Had both Netflix and Casumo Casino opted for simple sound logos and web design, then it’s possible that neither would be favorites amongst consumers.

Even though minimalist web designs strategically use color palettes to draw in consumers, these interfaces leave out additional design elements, which can make or break a company’s website. While fewer elements can help reduce the amount of activity vying for a consumer’s attention, it does not add that personal touch or unique charm that can give a company an edge over competitors in its industry. To outperform your rivals, you want things to set your business apart, and sometimes, that means incorporating extra design elements, such as mascots and characters.

Everyone has individual preferences when it comes to design and colors. However, as a business owner, it is important to remember that sometimes you need to leave out what you personally enjoy and remember that, while minimalist design is sleek and attractive in specific environments, your web design is your introduction to consumers, and that most individuals prefer to see beautifully designed websites rather than basic ones.