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Mkeke Shockproof iPhone 14 Pro and Clear Cases 2022 (Strong Magnetic, Military Grade Protection, Not Yellowing)

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Since 2015, Mkeke has become the top iPhone case brand and has amassed over a million positive customer reviews. Mkeke is an expert in developing iPhone cases.

It also has verified environmental friendliness, an Amazon Best Seller banner, and  Amazon Choice. The average daily sales of the iPhone 14 case series are over 5000.

Key Points

  1. Mkeke Strong Magnetic for iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Clear [Non-Yellowing Shockproof] [Compatible with MagSafe] Case for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7 inch 2022
  2. Clear Mkeke for iPhone 14 Pro, [Military Grade Protection] [Not Yellowing] Shockproof iPhone 14 Pro 2022 Case
  3. Clear phone case by Mkeke for the iPhone 14 Pro Max that has a slim cover and a shockproof bumper for 2022

Features of Mkeke iPhone 14 pro clear cases

  • Accurate charging port; Wear-resistant; Scratch-resistant; Anti-yellow
  • Dual protection concept 
  • Streamlined design, more comfortable in the hand, Extended edge protection technology, and built-in airbags on all four corners help to prevent dropping damage more effectively. Slim and 6D protection are both present
  • Follow consumer tastes and market trends, pay attention to the customer experience, and 
  • improve the ability to match client needs
  • built-in corner bumpers, dual protection for the camera and screen, and anti-yellowing technology

What do customers gain from Mkeke iPhone 14 pro cases?

First up is one of Mkeke’s most affordable iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max cases. Because it is made of polycarbonate, the case has a clean, translucent appearance that lets you show materials, preventing the case from becoming yellow over time. The buttons have good tactility, and the case fits perfectly.

Although it’s not the slimmest case available, it should still be easy to hold and use. Its durability, including three-layered bumpers on the corners and an improved dual-protection arrangement, is another factor in its design. Mkeke has significantly elevated the edges (3.5mm) around the camera in response to consumer complaints about scratches on the camera lens. It completes the military-grade certification by applying the same standard to the screen bezel (1.9mm). With Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro clear case, you are protected against dings and drops.

What makes Mkeke iPhone 14 pro cases better than the competition?

The abundance of color choices available with Mkeke’s clear case selection. Of course, you can choose a case with clear borders. Mkeke offers clear cases with dual-tone gradient borders in colors like blue and purple, green and red, and more to spice things up. The transparent gradient cases, and colorful finishes that flow from the bottom to the top, are another option if you want to add a popular color to the space.

Mkeke Strong Magnetic for iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Clear [Compatible with MagSafe] Non-Yellowing Shockproof Case for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7 inch 2022

All QI-certified MagSafe chargers and auto mounts are compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro Max case. Wireless/MagSafe Charging is automatically aligned to provide you with faster and safer charging thanks to built-in N52 magnets with strong magnetic attraction to 2600GS.

A crystal clear case is available for the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro Max. Showcases your phone’s gorgeous color while adding additional protection without increasing weight. Made with a TPU and PC blend that works well to repel sweat and stains, making it difficult for it to become greasy and discolored over time.

Dual protection: An additional bumper on the corners raises the thickness to 3.1 mm; the outer bumpers are scratch-resistant; and a built-in airbag is shockproof with Military Grade Drop protection, protecting your mobile from unavoidable drops.

Raised edges: Raised edges to protect your camera: The case’s edges around the camera and the screen are increased by 3.53 millimeters, enough to cushion the phone and lessen the fall force.

Simple to put and take out of pocket: Throughout the design and production processes, it is put through countless hours of testing to be comfortable and simple to grip. All buttons are easily accessible and perfectly aligned.

Clear Mkeke for iPhone 14 Pro, [Military Grade Protection] [Not Yellowing] Shockproof iPhone 14 Pro 2022 Case

The crystal clear cover for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is composed of high-definition polycarbonate material, which is transparent and anti-yellowing. All materials and coatings have been tuned to avoid fading over time, and both the interior and exterior of the casing have been coated with a scratch-resistant finish.

Strong & Military Grade Protection: This tough phone case for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is made to keep your phone safe from harm in all facets of daily life. One example is the countless hours of testing it goes through during the design and manufacturing phases. So, in addition to looking amazing, it is designed to shield your phone from dings and drops without additional lens protection.

Clear phone case by Mkeke for the iPhone 14 Pro Max that has a slim cover and a shockproof bumper for 2022

The iPhone 14 Pro Crystal Clear Case will be released in 2022. The gorgeous color finish of the iPhone 14 Pro is shown via transparent clarity.

Raised bezels on the 14 Pro Case raise the display and camera off flat surfaces, preventing them from damage or scratches.

The Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Case has 4 corners with airbag-like built-in finishes and a bumper thickness raised by 3.9mm, which can effectively absorb any pressure applied to the phone and safeguard it from drops.

The clear polycarbonate and flexible materials used to make a case for the iPhone 14 Pro provide a small profile that glides easily into and out of pockets. At the same time, the edges give you a secure grip when making calls, sending texts, playing video games, and taking selfies.

Your phone’s buttons, switches, features, and functionalities work flawlessly with the 14 Pro transparent cover case since they are pronounced, easy to feel, and push. The phone is very simple to install and uninstall in seconds.

As there are no magnetic parts in this case for the iPhone 14 Pro, nothing will be magnetically “locked” in. To connect your phone, however, a charge from the MagSafe charger can pass through the case.


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