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MLB Season: Schedule, Major Teams and Outsiders

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The Major League Baseball season playoffs are almost upon us as we race through summer and towards the white-hot heat of another baseball campaign. Managers are busy negotiating deals to keep their top talents, while coaches work tirelessly with players on the training field, building speed, fitness and focus. This promises to be the most competitive and exciting season seen in a generation, with several top clubs holding realistic claims on the regular season awards and this year’s World Series. 

Which team will blaze a trail of glory to the season-deciding match? That’s a good question without an answer at this stage, but sports fans have been busy studying the form, evaluating the trades made by clubs and finalising their picks on the winners and losers of the season. You can take your pick on the team you expect to win the World Series or play one of the many specials available. These include the Most Valuable Player, Home Run Derby and the best team in the NL East Division.

Improve your picks

There are plenty of options to choose from when making your season predictions on MLB, but how do you improve your chances of correctly predicting the winners and eventual champions? Many tried and trusted methods for making reliable forecasts on the sport. Still, the more information you have available at your fingertips, the greater your chances of getting it right. That’s where this article aims to come in handy.

Read on as we give those all-important dates for your diary, which the sportsbook traders in Las Vegas are picking and the best way to watch your team in action. Our team aimed to produce a one-stop shop for all your MLB needs at this crucial stage of the season. The information included on this page will help ensure you don’t miss a chance to watch your favourite team in action, understand which teams are being supported to win the title and where any value can be found.

As any follower of the MLB already knows, this is a fast and furious sport with a schedule that pushes everyone involved to breaking point. The matches come thick and fast, with every result changing the teams to keep an eye on. That means you must read this article and keep up with the latest results to improve your chances of picking a champion and getting the most from the TV coverage. 

It’s worth noting that you can also watch MLB on your smartphone through the best legal live streaming apps available today. In most cases, watching baseball will be free of charge through these channels. There is no need to register with a live streaming app to catch the games that matter, and you won’t find any hidden costs or pay-per-view charges.

Dates for your diary

As we already know, the MLB season is underway, but it isn’t exactly going to schedule with the campaign running late due to early season problems. The campaign was expected to begin on the final day of March and be brought to a conclusion on the second day of October, but the start was delayed by a week. This was because of the MLB lockout that forced an adjustment to the famous collective bargaining agreement (CBA), and the original dates had to be pushed back to avoid overloading the players.

The 162-game season began on the 7th of April and will run until the final match of the campaign on the 5th of October when a champion will be crowned. The broadcast rights have been shared equally between several major stations, including Fox, ESPN, Apple and YouTube, with those stations showing live matches as well as highlights, pre and post-match interviews, as well as any other talking points.

Fancied teams

Which team will win the title this year? That remains to be seen, but the experts have all had their say, and the majority of votes cast were for the New York Yankees. That has been a popular choice, but we’ve also seen support for the LA Dodgers and Houston Astros.

Dark horses with a shot

Looking to pick a dark horse with a decent chance of causing an upset this year? You could do worse than take the side of the New York Mets, who have been playing well but are capable of better.