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Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP)

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With a growing demand for mobile applications development there is no wonder that platforms for mobile application development have been launched to simplify and accelerate the app development procedure. So, what exactly is a mobile application development platform, or MADP, and how does it benefit businesses?

MADP refers to the software type that can be used to accelerate the development, testing and deployment of mobile applications for various mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones etc. The term itself originated from two other concepts, introduced by Gartner: mobile enterprise application platform and mobile consumer application platform. Mobile Application Development Platform enables organizations to purchase ready-to-use as-a-Service app development components such as mobile-backend-development-as-a-Service, front-end-development tools, mobile app management tools, web and hybrid app development tools, and many more. It can be compared to a set of building bricks that businesses can utilize instead of starting from scratch every time.

You’ve probably have come across some of the major MADP providers. The most common mobile application development platform include Microsoft Xamarin, Android Studio, Apple Xcode, Salesforce, Flutter and many other smaller companies.

The next step is selecting an MADP platform that is just right for your specific business needs, and will be ideal for your custom mobile app development. Businesses must take onto account several aspects when choosing a mobile app development platform.
Selection criteria largely depend on the type of future application and their features. However, the most common ones are pretty much the same: an effective MADP should let developers smoothly create, test, debug, deploy and maintain app throughout an entire apps’ lifecycle.

MADPs should also have substantial middleware and back-end services that provide critical functionalities like push alerts, authentication, and data storage. Developers must also decide whether to use cloud-based or on-premises services, however some MADP suppliers provide both. Another factor to consider is whether to employ a codeless or low-code MADP, which does not require developers to have sophisticated coding skills.

Mobile phone development platform can also be leveraged when it comes to cross-platform development, which is the process of creating hybrid or native apps that can operate on several operating systems. A cross-platform tool generates code for the target operating system automatically, and developers can use it to create a single code base.
Cross-platform app development can be approached in a variety of ways, including hybrid mobile app development, quick mobile app development, and codeless mobile app development. Low-code or no-code tools may be a good option for small businesses or private entrepreneurs who cannot afford to hire developers. However, customization options are quite limited in this case.

Overall, MADP help businesses and organizations in streamlining their app development process, ensuring a seamless user experience, and staying ahead in the dynamic mobile app landscape.

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