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Modev Productions and Google Partner Announce Livestream Series, ‘VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant’

Three-Part Series to Air Monthly

Modev Productions and Google are partnering for livestream series, “VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant.” The show is dedicated to the innovators, experts and influencers in the evolving voice industry.

“VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant” is a monthly livestream series featuring the world’s foremost leaders in voice technology. Each 90-minute episode will take viewers behind-the-scenes to see how voice technology is developed, how its applications span a myriad of sectors including education, health & wellness, media, finance, and more. the logline: Viewers will discover the latest ways that voice innovations are playing a role in their everyday lives now and into the future. In addition, viewers will be able to engage with the host and the featured guests through polls, Q&A sessions and other interactive methods. To learn more about and register for VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant, please go here.

“Technology is helping people stay more connected than ever during COVID-19 and advancements are happening at a rapid rate to meet those needs,” said Pete Erickson, Founder and CEO of Modev. “We’re excited to produce this new high-quality live series with a market leader like Google Assistant and bring it to the voice-tech industry and those who want to learn more about voice-tech.”

“Voice technology is fundamentally changing the way we interact with our devices every day to help us get things done, whether we’re at home, on the road or on our phones,” said Danny Bernstein, Managing Director, Global Product Partnerships for Google Assistant. “With this new livestream series, we hope to reach a broader audience to highlight our efforts to advance speech technology with our community of developers and device makers.”

Google Assistant, which first made its debut May 2016 and is now available on more than one billion devices in 90 countries, is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google available across mobile and smart home devices, as well as cars. Users can have a natural conversation with Google Assistant to get things done, like play music, turn on the lights or start a favorite TV show.