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Monday Overnight Ratings Scorecard: ‘Quantico’ DOA on ABC Monday

'Kevin Can Wait' and 'Man With a Plan' Both Shoo-Ins for a Second Season Renewal


Household Rating/Share
CBS: 5.0/ 8, ABC: 3.9/ 6, NBC: 2.7/ 4, Fox: 2.6/ 4, CW: 1.3/ 2

Percent Change From the Year-Ago Evening:
CW: +62, NBC: +17, ABC and CBS: -15 each, Fox: -52

Ratings Breakdown:
Led by “Kevin Can Wait,” CBS was the network to beat in the Monday household overnights with a 28 percent advantage over second-place ABC. The Kevin James sitcom, which is a shoo-in for a second season renewal, opened with a 5.7 rating/9 share in the 8 p.m. half-hour. And that led into a 4.8/ 7 for compatible (and also renewable) “Man with a Plan” at 8:30 p.m., followed by “2 Broke Girls” (#2: 4.5/ 7), an encore telecast of “The Big Bang Theory” (#1t: 4.6/ 7) and “Scorpion” (#1: 5.2/ 9) from 9-11 p.m.

“Scorpion” had no trouble beating the time period debut of ABC’s sophomore “Quantico,” which was left at the Monday 10 p.m. starting gate with a mere 2.0/ 4. Second in the hour was NBC freshman drama “Timeless” at a modest 2.4/ 4.

In the battle of ABC’s “The Bachelor” vs. NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” it was not contest, with a 4.9/ 8 for “The Bachelor” a hefty 75 percent above the 2.8/ 4 for two more episodes of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Sorely lacking on “Celebrity Apprentice” is enough time in the boardroom, which feels rushed with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Elsewhere, “Supergirl” returned on The CW with a solid 2.0/ 3, which compared to year-ago time period occupant “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (0.7/ 1 on 1/25/16) was a rise of a whopping 286 percent in the household overnights. Unfortunately, the added lead-in support from “Supergirl” is of no benefit to “Jane the Virgin,” which was flat from the year-ago evening at a 0.8/ 1.

Fox populated the evening with “Gotham” (#4: 2.5/ 4), which was 60 percent below the return of “The X-Files” one year earlier (6.2/ 9), and “Lucifer” (#3: 2.8/ 4). Household overnight growth of 12 percent for “Lucifer” out of “Gotham” remains a positive point for a third season pickup.

Here is the half-hour breakdown for Monday, January 23, 2017:

8:00 p.m.
ABC – “The Bachelor”: 5.2/ 8 (#2)
CBS – “Kevin Can Wait”: 5.7/ 9 (#1)
NBC – “Celebrity Apprentice”: 3.0/ 5 (#3)
Fox – “Gotham”: 2.5/ 4 (#4)
CW – “Supergirl”: 2.0/ 3 (#5)

8:30 p.m.
ABC – “The Bachelor”: 4.9/ 8 (#1)
CBS – “Man With a Plan”: 4.8/ 7 (#2)
NBC – “Celebrity Apprentice”: 2.8/ 4 (#3)
Fox – “Gotham”: 2.4/ 4 (#4)
CW – “Supergirl”: 1.9/ 3 (#5)

9:00 p.m.
ABC – “The Bachelor”: 4.8/ 7 (#1)
CBS – “2 Broke Girls”: 4.5/ 7 (#2)
NBC – “Celebrity Apprentice”: 2.8/ 4 (#3t)
Fox – “Lucifer”: 2.8/ 4 (#3t)
CW – “Jane the Virgin”: 0.8/ 1 (#5)

9:30 p.m.
ABC – “The Bachelor”: 4.6/ 7 (#1t)
CBS – “The Big Bang Theory” (R): 4.6/ 7 (#1t)
NBC – “Celebrity Apprentice”: 2.7/ 4 (#4)
Fox – “Lucifer”: 2.9/ 5 (#3)
CW – “Jane the Virgin”: 0.7/ 1 (#5)

10:00 p.m.
ABC – “Quantico” (time period premiere): 2.1/ 4 (#3)
CBS – “Scorpion”: 5.3/ 9 (#1)
NBC – “Timeless”: 2.5/ 4 (#2)

10:30 p.m.
ABC – “Quantico” (time period premiere): 1.8/ 3 (#3)
CBS – “Scorpion”: 5.1/ 9 (#1)
NBC – “Timeless”: 2.3/ 4 (#2)

Source: Nielsen Media Research


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  1. Dear Chimps Running ABC,
    Quantico was reduced to virtually no audience in that Sunday slot this fall. Did you really think just putting the show on Monday would lead to an improvement? You couldn’t even spare the change for a cheap recap special last week instead of airing yet another episode of that flop game show from your unfunny late night grouch Jimmy Kimmel? Given how bad Conviction and Notorious were not only ratings wise but also quality wise, this is a move that should have happened in September, not now.

      • My comments have absolutely nothing to do with the color of Channing Dungey’s skin and I’ve referred to the ABC execs as the chimps in charge for much longer than she’s been around.

      • To the defense of @mushu_jj, he has been a decade-long loyal member of this forum who has long described the bad network schedulers, wherever and whoever there are, as “chimps.” ABC and Fox have been culprits, for the most part, for a long time regardless who’s at the helm.

        And, he’s not racist.

  2. Wow, #3 at 10pm. How this once-promising show has fallen. I maintain, Sunday or Monday, or any other timeslot for that matter, “they” ruined this show. It became so confusing and convoluted. The back and forth, past, present and future doesn’t work for Quantico. Please cancel it!

  3. Glad to see Lucifer doing well, even beating Celebrity Apprentice in the second half hour. It is one of our favorite shows.

    • Mine too. Love the writing! And it does better than Gotham most nights. Sadly it is going on a long long hiatus after next week with the next episode not airing until May 1st!

  4. Damn my boy Kevin James been killin’ it lately as Kevin Can Wait is the first new comedy I’ve seen in a while grow this much week-to-week and Man with a Plan doing good too and that’s helping 2 Broke Girls renewal chances. CBS has to be extremely happy this morning with these numbers.

    Quantico is a failure time to pull that plug on that shit now and so is the ABC drama department lately outside of TGIT.

  5. I am happy Lucifer will likely see a third season. I really enjoy this show and it has very creative writing. Never a dull moment. Annoyed after next week Fox is pulling it and Gotham until literally May!

    I have stuck with Quantico but I don’t see it going past this season. The format stayed the same and most folks complained about it and the only difference is it went from FBI to CIA. ABC has a hot mess on their hands when it comes to dramas. Hell, it lost to Timeless!