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More Expert Tips On How To Escape An Escape Room Quick!

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Virtual escape rooms are an excellent way to strengthen individuals’ cognitive skills as well as teams’ communication and cooperation prowess. More on these on a separate post where we discussed the benefits of escape rooms in detail. 

For this list, we’re here to provide you with another round-up of the best tips you can apply to your next virtual Escape Room Oakland recommends, from our experts to you. Another destination that promises to “unleash your hidden adventurer”, where you can you find the clues, solve the brainteasers, outwit your foes, and escape with your lives, is available at Austin escape rooms.

1. A Quick Look Around The Entire Room 

That’s a ceiling to floor, wall to wall quick-scan of the virtual room itself. It isn’t that this will immediately flash magic “eureka” lights and pave the way towards instantly solving the puzzle. Instead, experts say that this bird’s eye view inspection is a speedy means towards imprinting how many puzzle corners there are, where they are posted, etc. 

The team leader/s of the entire group and/or the clusters within can formulate estimations on which parts may require N number of members, which said parts may require more time than the rest, how the simultaneous flow of the room-sized brainteaser should go, do add to this list as you wish. 

2. The Keyword is “Everywhere” 

Search every corner of the room. Search everywhere. Puzzle players tend to flock around the area and close surroundings of where clues are situated. But this might run the huge risk of missing out on puzzle-hints that are also located paces away from where the main clues are. 

You’ll be surprised at how many helpful minor clues you may find, which can boost the efficiency and productivity of your team in getting to the ultimate goal of solving the escape room jigsaw. 

3. Spread Out, Spread Out 

In different post, we mentioned how creating clusters and/or smaller teams within the team is beneficial in these virtual escape room games. Having said that, overcrowding around specific posts can cost you time. It can also cost you passing over crucial puzzle-hints that could help the team move through obstacles faster. 

4. The Clue Stash 

After passing through levels and receiving clues, set them aside and type them out on a shared online document and/or sheet. Call it your “escape room clue stash”. Besides being organized with your clue-findings, it will bring about convenience as you and your friends and family try to study said found clues. Doing so will have you refer to the same single area for reviewing the puzzle-hints you’ve obtained. 

Following this, the team can arrange them without hassles, for an even speedier road towards escaping the room! 

5. The Discards 

If there’s a designated virtual table (a.k.a. shared notepad of sorts) for your clue stash, there has to be another separate one where you can pile discarded things picked up in the room. For virtual escape rooms, this can be achieved through the same as mentioned in the number before— a web-based shared document.  This can give your team the breathing room to focus only on relevant clues instead of getting cluttered with discards. 

6. Switching Posts 

For team clusters that are having a difficult time solving their virtual area of the Zscape Games San Ramon CA loves, why not switch these same teams up? Getting stuck within an obstacle is quite the norm with puzzles, where room-sized, life-sized, or inch-pieces. One of the simplest and most practical methods to get out of escape room-ruts is to switch up teams and assign them to other posts they haven’t tried solving as of yet.