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Most Improved Win Rate Heroes In Patch 7.27b and 7.27c

Dota 2 is a game that relies on having frequent patches and updates to stay relevant, entertaining, and balanced at the highest level. People don’t want to play for months with the same heroes that get identified as the best ones.
This change is also essential for tournaments and professional players because nobody wants to see the same meta in two major tournaments in a row.

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The latest Dota 2 patch 7.27 was released a few days, and we have gathered some data on which heroes improved their win rate the most in the highest skill brackets, Divine and Immortal.


Magnus is one of the few heroes that have received only buffs in the 7.27b patch. And that is why he is one of the heroes with the most improved win rate.

Before the patch, Magnus only had a 46.7% win rate. He now has a massive win rate of 54.1%, which means his win rate has increased by +7.4% in this patch on the highest level.

Magnus received buffs to all of his spells except his ultimate, and even two of his talents got buffed.

These buffs also make him a more picked hero and also a more banned hero in the game.


Underlord is the hero with the 2nd highest win rate improvement after the two most recent patches. Before the patches, he was at a respectable 50.1% win rate, but now he is at 55.7%, which means the increase is +5.6%.

Not all of the changes made to Underlord were buffs because the atrophy aura no longer gives permanent damage. However, all other changes were buffs, and they were to all three of his regular spells, and there were four talent changes as well.

His pick rate and ban rate have increased significantly as well.


Io is the hero with the third-highest win rate change in this patch. At the highest level, it had only a 45.2% win rate, and now it is a respectable 50.7%, which means Io received a +5.5% win rate.

The only change Io received was a significant movement speed increase from 280 to 320, which makes it one of the fastest heroes in the game early game.

The pick rate and ban rate have also increased but not significantly.


Leshrac is the hero that had one of the lowest win rates in Dota 2 on the highest level. It was only 44.3%, and after the buffs he received in recent patches he is now at 49.8%, which is still pretty low but a lot better than it was.

All of Leshracs’ spells have received a buff, and he has also received three talent change buffs.

He’s an exciting hero. However, with a 49.8% win rate, we can’t expect to see him in tournaments. This hero will need a few more buffs.

Arc Warden

Arc Warden is the 5th and last hero on our list today. He had a 49.0% win rate at the highest level before these patches, and he is now at an incredible 54.2%, which is an increase of +5.2%.

Arc Warden is a high skill hero that required good macro, which the people at the highest level obviously have, and we can expect to see a lot more from him in upcoming tournaments.

Arc Warden received two buffs to skills, one nerf and four talent improvements. That is enough to see him again as a viable pick at the highest level.