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Most Popular Types of Videos in YouTube This 2021

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Now more than ever, videos should and can be used at different marketing funnel stages. But, you cannot just use any video, though. It is important that you create videos that make sense for your brand and audience. 

Below are the most popular and common types of YouTube videos that you should be using for your youtube marketing campaigns to get the best results


Autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR videos have enjoyed a rising popularity recently. These videos capture the sounds of usual everyday experiences. However, ASMR videos are extremely niche and might not be suitable for all industries. 

Meme or “Challenge”

These videos are made for the purpose of capitalizing on a current meme or trend. Just be careful with these videos and consider what your ideal customers like to see and what will align with your specific brand. 


Who doesn’t want a good laugh? You can make your brand feel more human if you incorporate relevant humor and comedy to your content, that is, as long as it is suitable for your brand or audience. 


Commentary videos are videos where people express their opinions or thoughts on a certain subject. Businesses can use this type of videos to reflect on current industry-related developments or events or anything else related to your products or services. 


A docuseries is a series of videos that follow a certain subject or event. You can use it for telling stories to customers or offering a glimpse behind the scenes of your company’s culture. 


While almost all types of videos can be educational, the so-called educational videos are those that are more based on facts. You can use such videos to educate audience regarding foundational topics related to your products or services. 


Interviews are highly engaging YouTube videos that are focused on a dialogue or conversation. Interview videos can be used to let experts and thought leaders in your industry to answer questions from existing and potential buyers. 


In this context, gaming videos are recordings of people as they review or actually play a video game. Obviously, these videos are niche to the field of gaming. 

How-to or Tutorial

A how-to or tutorial video is an educational video that gives viewers the visual step by step of achieving a specific task. It can be anything from how to remove stains from jeans to how use a certain app. 

Music Videos

YouTube is also filled with music videos. But, unless you belong to the music industry or you have a create streak, these videos might not be suitable for most brands. 


A narrative video takes viewers through a story. These can manifest as the success stories of customers for brands or sharing educational histories. 

Product Review

Product reviews are exactly as how they sound. They are detailed assessments of the performance and/or quality of a product. People discuss the services or products they use in their videos together with their experiences and if they recommend them or not. 

Other popular types of YouTube videos you can use include Q&A, reaction, sport, and “top” list videos.