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Motion Graphics vs. Animation: Understanding the Key Differences

The difference between Animation and motion graphics exists even though it is so blurry it can hardly be understood. These terms can be used interchangeably, don’t be fooled because there are several differences.  

Therefore, if you are from the creative industry or interested in creating motion graphics or animations. video for business, it’s important to understand the difference. 

Let’s dig deeper to grasp the actual difference between both. If you are also finding an expert to create a video to boost your business by using both techniques, then theDigiwiser Professionals are ready to get in touch with you.

How Do Motion Graphics Work?

To get a point over to the public, motion design and motion graphics studios create animated graphics (including characters). The primary purpose of a video is to convey information, promote a brand, or clarify a concept; it is not required to be amusing.

Motion design, for instance, comprises instructional videos, info-graphics, ads, subtitled movies, etc.

What makes motion design different, then? Formally, it typically differs from animation in that it frequently uses typography, abstract forms, etc. In reality, the formal distinction between animation and motion design is more of a result than a genuine difference.

Motion Graphics Advantages

The ability to split information in motion into discrete sections that can be used for various reasons is provided by motion graphics. Additionally, it saves money and time.

Motion graphics are less expensive to develop than other animations or explainer movies, and they’re also simpler to make, use, and distribute. You can also use the many supported tools and techniques, choose a template, etc.

However, if you want to get huge motion graphic advantages from every angle then, Creative Motion Graphics Services is always available to boost your engagement with your audience. 

What is the Animation?

Animation creates animated graphics that could be independent of other works of art. The primary goal of animation is frequently to entertain viewers or elicit a certain response.

For example, these could be TV series, cartoons, music videos, short and long animated films, etc.

These definitions clarify the formal distinction between animation and motion graphics, which we will refer to as the former due to the latter’s potential inclusion of graphics as an intrinsic component.

Advantages of Animation

A genuine cost-effective communication tactic is animation. It is effective. To cater to the messages more quickly, it helps to cut out superfluous words and images. In comparison to conventional graphics like diagrams, etc., it also significantly deepens the visual understanding of the entire message.

It predates cinema by 30 to 40 years. The first animation was supposedly introduced to the world on the day Belgian mathematician Joseph Plato created a disk with moving things.  The illusion that the frames on the disk were animated arose from their quick rotation. 

Frame-by-frame animation, whiteboard animation, computer animation, which is most frequently done with Adobe After Effects, and other amazing techniques are just a few of the many animation varieties employed today. Additionally, transitions and animation keys (layers of movement) are used.

What is the Difference between Motion Graphics and Animation? 

Examining the difference between Motion graphics and animation is quite blurry. Only a few experts can detect it, but through the experts’ conversation, we have structured these 4 as the key differences between both. 

Difference 1

Motion graphic video includes on-screen text combined with emojis and images. Whereas animation videos just contain characters.


Another huge difference is the presence of a narrative or a story. 

An animation video is most suitable when you are trying to tell a story. Storytelling through characters in video viewers find it most relatable. 

On the other hand, in motion graphics, the main purpose is to create visually stimulating animations that are geared to grab attention. Although, it does not generally require any storytelling.

Difference 3

Animated videos include moving illustrations, while motion graphics are often added on top of the real footage. 

Here is an example of Motion graphics elements

  • Moving backgrounds
  • Lower thirds/ Title cards
  • Animated icons
  • Animated elements such as doodles
  • Logo animations

Difference 4 

Another major difference is variations in dimensions in motion graphics and animations.

And, animation generally could involve both 2D and 3D animation. 

Let’s Grasp the Best time using Animation vs. Motion graphics

There is no secret the internet loves videos. No matter whether you chose motion graphics or another style of animation, videos in general yield better engagement, traffic and other conversion.

Video is the number one type of content which is preferred mostly to convey the adequate message. 93% of the people claim that the social media market won the game. More than half of the user engagement started becoming strong just through video branding sources. 

However, deciding whether to employ animation or motion graphics hinges on the context and intended message. Animation is adept at weaving narratives, infusing characters and emotions into immersive tales. On the flip side, motion graphics excel at distilling intricate concepts into visual simplicity, using graphics and text for clear elucidation. Opt for animation when seeking to evoke emotions and immerse viewers in a story’s depth. In contrast, when dealing with intricate data, processes, or instructions, motion graphics offer a concise and engaging approach to conveying information. The key lies in recognizing their individual strengths to tailor your choice according to the content’s demands, ensuring resonant and effective communication with your audience.


The terms motion graphics and animation are used interchangeably. Often, animation requires motion graphics to finish the product. Generally, most people don’t care about the topic or differentiation between them, rather than making comparisons, examining the better usage and converting both into the best used can be beneficial. However, as far as the difference is concerned, it looks blurry, there is no huge difference. But there are little differences which we have already discussed in the article.