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Motivational TV Shows for Students to Finish a Year

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The majority of college students these days are living their days by quoting various TV shows and using memes to overcome their learning challenges. The reason why the learners find these helpful and inspiring is the level of motivation and the way they can relate. It helps to cope with all the stress and learn how to build complex relationships when the hearts are getting broken and new friends are being made. If you need an urgent boost for your mood or want to share your ideas with a fellow student, these shows will help you to feel better and finish a year! 

Motivational TV Shows for Students to Finish a Year 

– BoJack Horseman

It is one of the most poignant animated TV shows that help to remind you that you can change it all. It is an interesting combination between animals and human beings, so you can reflect on your life with the help of the allegories. While it may not deal with college life per se, it will show you the ways how to cope with the stress and why talking bad to teachers is not the best option. If you want to solve your problems, it’s much safer to approach the best homework help sites that will help you to achieve success. As you are watching these series, you will also learn a lot and will be able to relate. 

– The Umbrella Academy

Some people may compare it to the Marvel Universe since we are dealing with superheroes and a team of fighters. It is one of the most famous Netflix shows for students that will inspire you and provide you with those good lines that will help to proceed with school and personality growth. There is also a great sense of adventure and mystery. If you are into X-Men, you will enjoy these series as the presence of superpowers will help you to boost your self-esteem and understand how true friendship works. 

– Jessica Jones

We are dealing with superheroes and supernatural powers once again, yet this time it’s totally different as the main protagonist goes through mental challenges. It’s one of the most popular offerings by Netflix that deals with mental health among college students. If you are dealing with PTSD or would like to take a look at the past to heal, this show will help you to recover and find the most efficient solutions. As you must finish a year and fight through the learning challenges, this TV show will be an invisible hand that will help to keep you together. 

The Bold Type

It is a great TV show that college and school girls will love. It has so much kindness and sincerity that some students might call it one of the cutest shows. It tells us about three good friends (all female) who are living their dream of running a women’s magazine as they do various jobs. There are many subjects that are being discussed in each episode, ranging from racial injustice to bullying and workplace harassment, they even discussed once an instagram caption generator. While it may not represent one of those motivational movies or shows like the famous BoJack Horseman, it is still easy to watch and feel inspired without getting the sense of being forced to learn something. 

– Modern Love

Here we have an example of an inspirational TV show that is running since 2019. It has a soothing feeling about it because it deals with all ages of love and compassion. The TV series has been shot in New York City, so you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and the characters that are played by the stars like Anne Hathaway. It’s charming and powerful. The reason why it’s so popular among college students is clarity and romance that is always beyond the clichés and has real depth. 

– Friends 

If there is at least one motivational TV show for students that needs no introduction, it is “The Friends”. It is so funny and painfully powerful that you will always relate and see yourself in one of the characters. If you have not seen it yet, it’s high time to start from the beginning and enjoy all those jokes that will always remain relevant as we are still living through the same college and love life challenges. 

Connecting TV Show Events to Your Life

College students are natural-born explorers as they tend to reflect on everything they encounter since they have to brainstorm all the possible ideas and seek the best ways to make it through the curriculum. Therefore, as they are watching motivational TV shows, they connect TV shows with the events that take place in their lives. It is a certain self-therapy and analysis that helps them to settle their mental challenges and see how the fictional characters overcome both physical and mental barriers. If you are a college student reading this article, take your time to watch these motivational shows to become inspired. Remember that everything will be good, and you will definitely make it through the academic year! 


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