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Mountain Bike Insurance Cover: Do Cyclists Need Insurance?

Yes! You need a cyclist insurance cover to protect yourself and your bicycle as you ride through the mountains. It’s a great idea though it’s not a legal requirement by every state in the U.S. Whether you own a racing bike or an e-bike, you will need this coverage to protect you against theft and other common problems in the cycling community.

Sometimes, bad things just happen, and most bike warranties replace faulty parts due to manufacturing mistakes. Below are the reasons why you need bike insurance.

Protecting against theft

Regardless of where you live or where you spend most of your time riding, your bike will always risk getting stolen. Most expensive bikes, like mountain bikes, are not included in home insurance policies. The home insurance contents do not also cover you if you get involved in an accident while riding your bike.

Taking a mountain bike insurance cover will help protect the bike against theft when left in the garage, at your home, or any other secure place. The mountain bike insurance will prevent you from incurring unnecessary expenditures in case your bike gets stolen.

Your bike is covered while traveling

If you love exploring new and exciting areas, you need bike insurance to cover your bike while traveling. Traveling offers a thrilling experience as you will meet new people and cultures. In case of accidental damage, the insurance company will cover the travel money and the other essentials you need to travel to where you intended.

Most of the insurance policies on bikes offer cover for about 60 days, and this makes it ideal for both month-long tours and mini-break tours. If you are unsure where to start, you can use the Contact Us at Simple Bike Insurance to learn more about bike insurance. 

Coverage for personal injury

Cyclist accidents are common worldwide; if they happen, the cyclist is bound to sustain the worst injuries. Sometimes, you can even bounce straight back up after a fall with nothing and end up with a few cuts and bruises. You need insurance coverage to cover injuries that may be life-threatening or more serious.

An excellent insurance cover will compensate you for the breaks and fractures suffered during a bike accident. This way, you can fund emergency rehabilitating physiotherapy without paying with your savings.

It helps in third-party compensation

Cycling sometimes can be riskier than you have ever thought of before. If you are riding in a terrain environment, you need to ensure that you balance your bike all the time. In case of an accident, you need to understand that you might not be the only person involved. A third party may be involved, and it can be costly to pay for their treatment.

The law states that you should bear the costs of the accident if you are the one responsible for the cause. This can be a considerable amount to settle with your savings. With bike insurance, the insurance company will bear the cost and provide timely compensation to the victims.

What to consider when buying bike insurance

One of the best ways to know that the insurer is reliable is by visiting their social media platforms and checking customer reviews. An excellent insurance company should have more positive reviews than negative reviews.

Ensure that you settle for an insurer who will offer adequate coverage. Most insurance companies often provide monetary backup to ensure that the insured does not suffer substantial financial losses in the case of bike damage.

Do not also forget to understand the available exclusions. Just as coverage is essential, exclusions are significant as they help you know what is not covered in the insurance policy. This will help you understand under what conditions you can raise your claim.

You also need to read the terms and conditions, as these are the basic terms and conditions pertaining to the policies of the bike insurance policy. The terms and conditions should be clear and precise to avoid confusion.

Because most insurance policies expire within the stipulated time, you need to ensure that you know the due dates. Mountain bike insurance is not a one-time process, so you need to buy fresh coverage upon the expiry of the current plan.


As a cyclist, you need bike insurance to cover yourself against accidents. You also need it to cover your bike against theft. The insurance company will pay for the medical bills in case you get involved in an accident or pay for another bike in case the first one gets stolen.