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Mouse Vs. Touchpad: What is Better for You?

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The entire laptop market is worth more than $38 billion. The sale of laptops is constantly on the rise because they provide much better flexibility and comfort while working on them. Laptops, by default, have touchpads that are used instead of the mouse, but many users still prefer an external mouse.

All laptops have connections for a wired mouse, but the industry today offers wireless mice too, which makes people opt for one instead of using the touchpad. There are many reasons to choose one or the other. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips on what to pick. See what are their pros and cons, and make your own decision.

Mouse pros

Mouse using is more convenient

When you’re using a mouse to scroll or move, it is much more natural and easier than the touchpad. This is why most people prefer the mouse if they have the option to do it. The movement of your hand controls the arrow without even thinking about it.

An ergonomic mouse is good for your wrists

A well-designed ergonomic mouse is good for your hands and wrists. An ordinary mouse and the touchpad both hurt your wrists and do not feel natural. Still, if you pick some of the best mice there are, as the advanced ergonomic mouse from Logitech, for example, you’re getting state-of-the-art technology that takes care of your health.

Playing games is only possible with a mouse

You simply can’t play certain games without a mouse. It is technically possible to do it on a touchpad, but if you want to be successful, you simply need a mouse. Aside from gaming, many other programs are used for work that also require a mouse and are impossible to handle without it.

Mouse cons

Destroys your wrists

Many people suffer from an injury caused by holding the mouse improperly. Your wrists may become damaged if you don’t pay much attention. Using an ergonomic mouse or the touchpad is entirely different, but most people are unaware of this issue.

Another device to carry with you

The mouse is yet another item you need to carry around with you. Your backpack has a ton of devices and is always heavy enough. The mouse may not be a significantly heavy device, but it will add to the overall weight, which means it’s better to avoid having it.

You can’t use it on any surface

The advantage of owning a laptop compared to a desktop computer is in the movement. You can go and work anywhere. If you’re used to working with a mouse, you’ll need to work in any environment, but the mouse won’t function on any surface. You’ll struggle to work in the bed, in nature, or anywhere that is not a flat desk.

Touchpad pros

It’s simple

The touchpad is the easiest tool there is to control the computer aside from the keyboard. If you’re working on a laptop, all you need to do is move your hand an inch lower, and you’re in control of the arrow going through the screen.

The ultimate lightweight solution

There’s no need for carrying extra equipment when you’re going somewhere, making your weight as light as possible. Place your laptop in the backpack; you don’t need any cables, mice, jacks, or anything else. The touchpad is part of the laptop, making it the most lightweight solution.

You don’t need extra attention to it

Mice tend to get broken, malfunctioned, dirty, or fail when you most need them. There’s no such thing when you’re relying on the touchpad. The touchpad is always perfectly clean, can’t fail as it is integrated into the laptop, and you don’t need to pay extra attention to it.

Touchpad cons

It’s difficult using it at first

When you work simultaneously on a desktop computer and a laptop, it’s difficult to make the transition right away. Working on a mouse and then going to the touchpad immediately may be complicated, and you’ll lose a lot of time and energy on this switch.

You’ll have to keep swiping if you’re using a big screen

No matter how fast you make them scroll, most touchpads will need more time to get from one end to another when you’re working on big screens and complex projects. Scrolling through web pages is almost nearly impossible to do fast and seamless.

Sometimes it is too sensitive, and you’ll touch it while typing

When you’re typing on the keyboard, no matter how used to working on a laptop you are, you’ll touch the touchpad with your thumb. Especially if you’re too tired, your hands will become too heavy to control, and you might touch the pad while typing and make a total mess of everything you’ve been w