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Musicworks Canada – Concocting Music with Artificial Intelligence

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life, and the best form of art is music. Music is a fundamental aspect of mankind’s culture, bringing happiness and joy, stimulating mood, and prompting some to create good memories and some to reminisce on precious times. Music improves mood, reduces anxiety, and helps divert negative energies. Research has shown that listening to music can reduce stress, blood pressure, and pain and enhance sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory. But lamentably, there are very few music academies left that pass on the art of creating melodies to the next generation; one of them is Musicworks Canada.

Musicworks Canada is a music-centered academy that provides music lessons and preschool music programs. Musicworks Canada aims to blend education with music to enhance development in young kids. Music impacts a child’s mental growth, academic performance, social skills, and creativity. According to a study, music and a child’s brain are meticulously linked; it helps the child with language, concentration, and skill development. Playing musical instruments speeds up brain function and positively impacts the kids’ neurology. Playing and listening to music positively affects the brain and makes one happier and more productive at all stages of life.

Established in 2007 by Tae Ho Style Hong, better known as Taeho Style, Musicworks Canada is a one-of-a-kind institution. Taeho established the institution with his father Duheun Hong under the former name, The Beat of Music. In 2014, he became the sole owner and CEO after he bought out his father. This unique academy specializes in blending music with conventional and tedious studies to make it appealing for young kids. Taeho set up this company for two reasons; he was looking for an academy where he could send his children for music-focused education; Taeho could not find any, so he founded one, and also, to create the school as a business for his wife where she could be near their children. Musicworks Canada conducts classes for students from as young as 18 to 85 years old. The extensive range of students requires diverse skills instructors, so Musicworks Canada has a unique and dynamic set of music teachers with more than 40 years of experience and has been producing diligent students for years.

The institute’s modules not only include vocal and theory lessons but also provide musical instrument training, including piano, guitar, violin, ukulele, drums, brass, and woodwind. For young kids as old as five years, the academy has discrete preschool classes. This program emphasizes improving the children’s cognitive, physical, and social skills via music. The preschool runs in a highly organized manner, with a specialized curriculum and regular meetings with parents to monitor students’ performance.

Taeho Style’s love for music is not limited to teaching but also extends to musical instruments. Musicworks Canada offers free musical instrument repair services to teachers, parents, and students. The academy has a global partnership with SPRIX Japan to implement innovative programs for nurturing the existing educational system through music, hence launching a new learning style in Canada. Their effectual innovative program is the concoction of various dynamic programs, including DOJO (Math), TOFAS (Academic assessment), QUREO (Coding), and i-Tops (Programming Assessment). All these programs are powered by Artificial Intelligence to scrutinize the students’ answers and create better, more innovative questions to comprehend their weaknesses and eventually help them improve. The academy also provides computer coding programs and AI-driven mathematics to all the students of Musicworks Canada.

The efforts of Taeho Style and his team are commendable, and the world agrees with this. That is why Musicworks Canada has won multiple prestigious awards in a brief period. Musicworks Canada recently oriented with South Korea in an exchange program in 2022 through Musicworks Korea. It has established a music foundation in Africa to assist underprivileged kids in learning the art of music through the Musicworks Africa Foundation, an NGO Taeho founded. In 2022, Musicworks Canada fused its curriculum into the BCS (Bearspaw Christian School) private school system in Calgary, Alberta, and a growing number of private schools are onboarding Musicworks Canada’s unique curriculums into their academies.

The luminous presence of Musicworks Canada predicts its future. Taeho Style plans to extend the academy as a global franchise. Musicworks Canada is built on integrity, quality, community, relationship, and growth. Taeho’s aim is to make Musicworks Canada the world’s biggest and most loved music-centered academy franchise. To achieve this, Taeho and his diligent team are working under his leadership to build locally and think globally by always being relevant in customers’ lives, being an integral part of local communities, and forming lifelong relationships.

Musicworks Canada is a unique and unprecedented academy that leverages the tremendous benefits of the universal language of music. From a tiny thought to a gigantic music academy Taeho Style has guided Musicworks Canada with compassion and a community-focused vision. The education industry has come a long way with Musicworks Canada’s music-centered education approach. The idea of training kids with music is itself visionary. The vision of Taeho Style is to develop a sustainable and modernly equipped music company for everyone to bring a unique music-centered approach to education. As a part of its global mission, with its global partner African Leadership, Musicworks Africa Foundation continues to further its reach in Madagascar, South Africa, and Ghana. Musicworks Canada’s accomplishments at the start of and during the COVID pandemic abetted highly, creating the impetus to become a franchise. The extensive music teaching and services are what make Musicworks Canada unique, and it is what will help the institute continue to flourish into the future.