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Must-Have Tools For A Productive Programmer

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Developing apps and software can be challenging but programmers often invest their heart and soul into designing value-based and result-oriented apps and programs. However, programmers need to be at their top game to design perfect apps because it eventually helps them optimize the workflows and streamline the workability. For this reason, there are different tools for enhancing the productivity of programmers because it facilitates their chores and automates various activities. So, if you want to spruce up your productivity, we are sharing reviews of some amazing tools!


This tool is famous for the role & play game which helps programmers make pointers and level up by completing the mentioned tasks. There is a special reward system that helps programmers collect coins, and acts as a great motivator. Even more, there is a gamification process that incentivizes the coding processes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say it’s a productive tool and is an engaging way of tracking the goals and complete the programming project. 


This is a cloud-based development platform that streamlines collaboration. It can allow programmers to use the editing features, such as symbol renaming and code refactoring. The programmers can add the breakpoints and can analyze the codes to optimize the coding process. This tool work with cordless phones and other devices, irrespective of the location. Not to forget, the tool is available in 75 different languages, so it’s a great fit for everyone! 

The Silver Searcher

This is the ultimate tool for programmers who want to save time through its source-code search feature. To illustrate, it can outline the specific codes within thousands of codes. What’s best about this tool is that it’s 34% faster as compared to other tools. 

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a great tool for enhancing the productivity of programmers. There are smart coding features and multiple frameworks are available for meeting the unique needs of the programmers. IntelliJ IDEA has the developer ergonomics which reduces disruptions in the workflow. It delivers insights into the coding and smart error analysis outlines coding errors. Moreover, there are databased tools and application servers available to design the value-based tool.


This is great for programmers who tend to procrastinate. It is basically a coworking tool that can enhance productivity while preventing the chances of distractions. It can help accomplish the goals and complete the projects. According to experts, Focusmate can enhance productivity rates up to 300%. In addition, it can be used to host video sessions with the working partner to discuss the project, promising higher productivity. 


You might find this tool a bit different because it generates music to ensure programmers stay focused on coding and programming. It can imitate a code editor which means you will remain focused on the primary functions. The app is integrated over 54 playlists and the majority of songs are made from non-vocal instruments. 

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is the text editor platform that allows programming and markups. It has an extremely user-friendly user interface, and navigating through the codes will be extremely easy. The best thing about this tool is that Sublime Text helps manage different projects at a time. Not to forget, the files can be easily customized and the full-screen feature helps with higher productivity. 


Programmers have to stare at the screen for hours which means their eyes remain distressed. That being said, this tool can adjust the screen’s brightness and colors according to the location and time of the day, promising lesser stress on the eyes. In addition, it can optimize the color temperature of the screen, so the eyes can rest.