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Must See Documentaries About the Future of Education

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We all know the importance of formal education but as the technology changes and evolves, so does the way human beings perceive information. The learning process faces a great amount of challenge with uncountable creative ways information can be displayed. This way, today’s students must be independent lifelong learners given that we live in a rapidly growing digital economy era. 

Online learning has been on the rise for the past few years. There are a lot of websites like, that provide information about online learning platforms, including summaries, reviews, recommendations and other helpful information for students that want to learn online.

In this article we’ll discuss some documentaries one by one that focus on the future of education.

1. Future Learning: What’s Wrong With School?

The old school system used to seemlessly prepare students for the 20th century industry, however this is not the case with today’s reality. The classic way of learning does not allow usage of a student’s full potential and creativity. 

Future Learning is a series of interviews with inspiring education developers. This mini documentary is about unlocking the new possibilities offered  by technological innovation and empowering students. 

2. IBM Watson Supercomputer: Smartest Machine on Earth 

IBM’s revolutionary computer system was introduced in 2010. This is basically a supercomputer that is capable of answering questions made in natural language, stores and processes huge amounts of data and solves requests that no company has ever done before. 

The Smartest Machine on Earth is about the creation of Watson and how artificial intelligence will remodel all kinds of technological industries and employment.

3. Humans Need Not Apply 

The trickiest part of the new economic trend is replacing routine work with robotic software. Believe it or not, software today is replacing dozens of human jobs which can lead to mass unemployment in case something revolutionary does not come up.

Humans Need Not Apply is a short film released in 2014. It mainly focuses on the future of automated human jobs and it shows us how the key skills that humans have, such as connection, creativity and social intelligence can not be replicated by machines and are more crucial than ever.

4. Everything Is A Remix

The internet has had an enormous impact on human creativity. You can easily become a digital artist nowadays by using inexpensive tools and pursuing your own creative production. 

This movie explores the process of creativity and how it is similar to the way people remix music. That means by gathering, copying and combining old ideas you can easily come up with new ones. Everything is a remix continues to change the way people perceive creativity, originality and copyright.

5. NOVA: School of the Future 

This movie is about the American schools and their worsening performance throughout the years compared to the global standard. This episode from the NOVA series focuses on science of learning and the technology impact in the classroom. A show where brilliant minds gather to visualize the future of innovation and education to give the youth the knowledge they deserve. 

While most if not every movie is available on Youtube, except for NOVA which is available on Netflix, you can easily have a look at the future that is closer than ever. 

But let’s not get behind on all those digitalising skills you can conquer. There are a lot of websites that provide additional knowledge to add to your university degree or a diploma, such as Coursera, where you can gather knowledge on various topics, all the way from data science to arts and humanities.