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Competing for audience opposite The Clinton Trump Show this fall will be no easy feat

From Campaign US: Donald Trump has made a lot of noise lately over the Presidential debates going up against NFL games. But maybe it’s the NFL that should be worried.

With the odds in this heated Presidential election, at present, shifting in the favor of Hillary Clinton, coverage of this epic clash of personalities – particularly the primetime debates between Clinton and Trump — will only increase over the next three months.

Robert Russo, President of RNR Media Consulting, who has worked in the political arena for the past 30 years, both on campaigns and as a media seller and buyer, is predicting at least half of the available audience will tune in for the first debate. “Depending on the fireworks in the first one, the next two could get even larger numbers, which will only ignite any outlet covering the election,” he said. “These ratings will be also huge internationally.”

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