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Must-Watch Documentaries About the Textile Industry

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The textile industry is an essential part of our global economy. It’s responsible for the production of clothing, bedding, and other fabrics used in homes and businesses around the world. But this vast industry can often be misunderstood or overlooked by people who are not directly involved in it. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a textile factory, then these must-watch documentaries about the textile industry will help shed some light on its inner workings. From exploring labor conditions to highlighting sustainable practices, these films offer insight into how the fabric is made and distributed throughout the world. 

1. Cotton Road (2015)

This documentary takes a close look at the global textile industry – following cotton from its origins in India to its production and distribution within China. It also examines the environmental implications of this industry and how workers’ rights are often overlooked despite their integral role in keeping it afloat. Apart from seeing this documentary, it’s also wise to dive into modal vs cotton and their differences. Cotton is a big aspect of the textile industry and worth understanding. 

2. Stitched (2012)

This documentary centers on the lives of garment workers in Bangladesh, exploring their working conditions and asking how fair wages can be achieved for those involved in production. It also examines the role of big companies like Gap and H&M in this industry, revealing how they sometimes exploit workers to keep costs down while still ensuring high profits. While this film provides some shocking examples of how workers can be treated, it also offers a glimpse into the ways that ethical practices can be put in place to ensure fair and safe labor conditions. 

3. Thread (2014)

This documentary follows an American entrepreneur who decides to start his own clothing line by sourcing fabric exclusively from India. During his journey, he learns more about the textile industry and the challenges faced by Indian artisans as they try to make a living while navigating complex trade laws and regulations. This film is both inspiring and informative, highlighting the potential for collaboration between countries when it comes to sustainable production practices. 

4. The True Cost (2015)

This award-winning documentary dives deep into the world of fast fashion, exploring the human and environmental costs of producing garments quickly and cheaply. It shines a light on the exploitation of workers in countries like Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, and China, while also asking questions about how consumers can help support ethical practices when they shop for clothes. The True Cost is a must-watch film that offers an honest look at the textile industry and its potential to do better for people and the planet.

The textile industry is one filled with complex issues and immense potential. Watching these documentaries can help give you a better understanding of the industry and how it affects people and the environment around the world. While they offer insight into some of its darker corners, they also provide hope that ethical practices can be put in place to make sure everyone involved has access to fair wages and safe working conditions.