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Namoo Studios Announces Its Latest Reality Experience, ‘Namoo’

Baobab Studios, the independent interactive animation production company, announced today its latest project, ‘Namoo’, a virtual reality experience written and directed by Korean filmmaker, Erick Oh. The now-completed film was created entirely in Facebook’s VR animation tool, Quill, with all of the props, characters, and environments hand-painted directly in VR. Baobab will release NAMOO on Oculus platforms in 2021.

A narrative poem brought to life as an animated VR film, ‘Namoo’ (meaning “tree” in Korean) is an ode to a grandfather’s passing and follows the journey of a budding artist—and his tree of life—from beginning to end.

“Erick Oh is an exciting, emerging director in animation, and from the moment he first shared his vision of ‘Namoo’ with us, we knew we wanted to work with him. His wondrous artistic sensibilities are a natural fit for what we do at Baobab in that he crafts deeply personal films which connect with viewers both emotionally and universally,” said Maureen Fan, Co-Founder and CEO of Baobab Studios. “We are very proud of ‘Namoo’ and look forward to sharing it with audiences very soon.”

“Baobab Studios is a great place to make films because they are willing to push boundaries in the name of art. I think that is why their films resonate so well with audiences and critics alike. Making ‘Namoo’ was a joy because they were true collaborators who listened and gave me creative freedom to achieve my vision for the film,” said Oh.