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NBA Events to Watch With Your Loved One in 2019

Sporting activities are always a fantastic option for a date. Whether you’re in a towering amphitheater watching the Superbowl, in the crouched but electric atmosphere of a hockey game, or observing the thrills and spills of a basketball contest, you are always guaranteed an adrenaline rush to boost your romance. Basketball, in particular, is fabulous to watch with a loved one, because unlike football or baseball games which are very much a stop/start affair, basketball is a sport which flows. It’s dynamic.

Basketball and dating opportunities

More and more people are connecting via Internet dating, and if you happen to be a single person, but at the same be passionate about basketball, you can always search through a couple of dating websites like this to find a perfect match and arrange a get-together. Dating sites can fine-tune the parameters their users can employ to reach out to potential dates. For many, this can be the obvious criteria, such as age, sexual orientation, cultural background, occupation, and so on. But beneath these top-level considerations, there is a whole raft of possibilities. Selecting ‘basketball’ as your passion will instantly set you up to meet someone sharing your love of the sport, ensuring you have every chance of getting to know someone compatible.

Basketball: a sport for the digital age

Basketball has risen in popularity over the past few years and no wonder. Teams play to packed arenas, while the players themselves often bask in adulation. For the guys aiming for the basket, to the fans tracking their every move around the courts, the sport has developed in tandem with social media. Players and fans can interact on forums, while there is also a wealth of contests to watch online, from classic encounters to more recent tournaments. If you’ve connected on a dating site and have spent some time chatting about your sport, the next stage in your burgeoning relationship can be discussing the key NBA events in the forthcoming calendar for you to watch together.

Opening night

Number one overall pick for the New Orleans Pelicans is 19 years old, six-foot-seven Zion Williamson, a North Carolina small forward who led his school side, Spartanburg, to three state championships on the bounce. You and your loved one can get your first glimpse of him in action when the Pelicans head over the 49th parallel to face Toronto Raptors on October 22. If that encounter isn’t enough to whet your appetite, later on that same evening, there’s a captivating local derby in store, between Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers