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NBC Aired This Bizarre Promo for Thanksgiving Night Football Featuring Lawrence Taylor

For the upcoming Thanksgiving night football matchup of the New York Giants at Washington Redskins on NBC set for Nov. 23, the network promoted it during the Nov. 19 edition of “Sunday Night Football” featuring former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann and legendary Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

In the promo, at a dinner table, Taylor asks Theismann if he would like to have a turkey leg. This is a reference to a 1985 Giants-Redskins game where Taylor had sacked Theismann so hard, the lower part of Theismann’s right leg had snapped off.

The promo is made even weirder with the inclusion of Taylor when noting that he had officially registered as a sex offender back in 2011 after an encounter with an underage female prostitute (although he claimed she had told him she was of legal age).