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NBC Renews ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ for Season 2

12 Episodes Aired in the First Season

NBC has greenlit “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” for a second season, with an unconfirmed number of new episodes. The series centers on Zoey Clarke (Jane Levy), a whip-smart computer coder forging her way in San Francisco. After an unusual event, Zoey, who always preferred podcasts over pop songs, suddenly starts to hear the innermost wants, thoughts and desires of the people around her – her family, co-workers and complete strangers – through popular songs. At first, she questions her own sanity, but after getting some guidance from her musically adept neighbor, Mo, and making a breakthrough with her ailing father, Zoey soon realizes this unwanted curse may just be an incredibly wonderful gift as she connects with the world like never before.

The first season, which consisted of 12 episodes, ended on a serious note as Zoey’s dad Mitch (Peter Gallagher) died after a battle with the neurological disease PSP. The last scene was a seven minute one shot performance of “American Pie,” sung by the entire cast.