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NCAAF Profiles: Ole Miss Rebels

College football is highly important because it is where the majority of talent scouts for the NFL and other professional sports look for young athletes who stand out on the field. As a result, there are many rookie players within the NFL who have been drafted from college.

The NCAAF odds are worth looking at if you want to make your own predictions for the coming season. Likewise, there are many teams within the NCAAF which stand out for their accomplishments and overall influence in the championship. Here is a look into the Ole Miss Rebels and how they became the iconic team that they are today. 


The University of Mississippi is known for having many rivals within college athletics in general. However, Ole Miss tends to have a very intense match when it comes to the NCAAF. 

Mississippi State is the closest rival on a geographical note, and the two campuses consistently go head-to-head more frequently than other rivals. The phrase the ‘battle for the golden egg’ was coined in 1927, after the trophy that went to the winner which has an ovoid shape slightly rounder than the football seen today. 

Another rival which dates back to 1894 is between Ole Miss and the Louisiana State University Tigers. Each team have maintained a high standard for their respective squads, and there have even been national title implications in one instance. Currently, the Tigers lead the series. 

A slightly less predictable rivalry is between the Rebels and the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. The teams have competed against one another in the Sugar Bowl twice, with Ole Miss winning both times. This rivalry began in 1908, and Ole Miss has been leading them until recently. 


Red jerseys with bold, white coloring tends to be the uniform that most NCAAF fans associate with the Rebels. However, the team have four main jersey colors which are mixed and matched with different combinations of pants colors. As a result, the Ole Miss Rebels have been known to have ten different go-to uniform options during a regular season. 

Similarly, there are two main helmet designs that are used by the Rebels. Each are a shade of blue, although the franchise have recently introduced a specially designed helmet for a military appreciation game in 2017. 

Home Venue

The Ole Miss Rebels play the majority of their home games in Vaught Hemingway Stadium. This can be found towards the southeast side of the University campus, and there is a total capacity of 64,038. The Rebels have called this their home stadium since it opened in 1915. 


Ole Miss Rebels hold many records as a team since their beginning. Some of these include being part of the first game to be broadcast on TV, their 1948 game against Memphis was truly a historical moment. 

Other notable games that the Rebels have been known for include their 1952 defeat of the Maryland Terrapins. Many have said that this moment was the beginning of the Rebels entering the national scene of college football, and that this was the first incredible game starting their impressive run from 1952 to 1963. 

As a way of commemorating the Rebels’ 100th year anniversary, the Ole Miss football department recognized 26 players of note and their accomplishments. This was known as ‘Team of the Century’, and they have been widely honored ever since. 

Players In The NFL

The Rebels have always worked closely with the NFL, and it isn’t hard to understand why. There have been a great number of talented individuals who have shown their impressive capacity for success and accuracy on the field. These have been recruited to the NFL as a result. 

Some of these individuals include Bobby Massie, who is currently an offensive left for the Chicago Bears. Other key players in the NFL who were recruited after their performance on the field with the Rebels are D. J. Jones in the Denver Broncos, Lavon Hooks in the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Matt Corral. Corral is a quarterback for the Caroline Panthers. 

Likewise, there are several numbers which the Ole Miss Rebels have retired in honor of exceptional players. Some of these include defensive back Chucky Mullins, who wore jersey number 38. Other legendary players that the Rebels have retired their jersey numbers include Eli and Archie Manning. Both of which were excellent quarterbacks who entered the NFL after finishing at Ole Miss. 


The NFL has seen many college teams working closely with talent scouts. A fine example of this is Ole Miss Rebels, who have a long history of dazzling crowds and changing the record for their team. Despite some very close rivals, the NCAAF has consistently seen the Rebels come out on top. This team certainly have a reputation to defend!