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‘NCIS’ on CBS Dominates Tuesday with Michael Weatherly Farewell

Positive Start to 'Megyn Kelly Presents' on Fox

The following are the early overnight household ratings from the top 56 metered markets in half-hour breakdowns for Tuesday, May 17, 2016:

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Prime Averages
Network HH Rtg/Share

Programming Insider Tue., May 17, 2016
8:00 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Fresh Off the Boat 2.9/5
NCIS (f) 10.9/18
The Voice 5.8/10
Megyn Kelly Presents (s) 4.1/7
The Flash 2.5/4
8:30 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
The Real O’Neals 2.1/3
NCIS (f) 11.3/18
The Voice 6.2/10
Megyn Kelly Presents (s) 3.5/6
The Flash 2.4/4
9:00 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (f) 2.1/3
NCIS: New Orleans (f) 8.2/13
Chicago Med (f) 5.2/8
Coupled (p) 1.4/2
Containment 0.9/1
9:30 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (f) 2.0/3
NCIS: New Orleans (f) 8.1/13
Chicago Med (f) 5.0/8
Coupled (p) 1.2/2
Containment 0.8/1
10:00 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (f) 2.0/3
Person of Interest 4.8/8
Chicago Fire (f) 5.2/9
10:30 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (f) 2.1/4
Person of Interest 4.3/8
Chicago Fire (f) 5.2/9
11:30 PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Jimmy Kimmel (r) 1.7/4
Late Show with Stephen Colbert 2.5/6
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon 3.0/7
12:00a PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Jimmy Kimmel (r) 1.2/3
Late Show with Stephen Colbert 1.6/5
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon 2.1/6
12:30a PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Nightline 1.0/3
Late Late Show with James Corden 1.1/4
Late Night with Seth Meyers 1.4/5
1:00a PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Late Late Show with James Corden 0.9/3
Late Night with Seth Meyers 1.0/4
1:30a PROGRAM HH Rtg/
Last Call with Carson Daly 0.7/3

Source: Nielsen Media Research


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  1. I don’t see where ABC improves with their new Tuesday lineup next year as that comedy block is going to flop, CBS scheduling Bull at 9pm is definitely going to kill them off and based on these numbers for AOS that’s going to be no competition for NCIS: NO or Chicago Fire this fall. That’s why ABC’s schedule yesterday was a fail.

    • I am going to try the new ABC comedies as I have no interest in Bull, but I may very well be in the minority.

      • I really don’t like the new ABC comedies, I feel really bad for The Middle getting surrounded around a bunch of losers right now. With Chicago Med out of the slot though I might try Bull as This Is Us looks corny in a bad way on NBC.

    • Disagree. ABC Tuesdays will improve next season from 8-10pm. And they have the potential biggest breakout hit on TV of next season, Designated Survivor.

      • The Middle will improve them but it won’t be as great as people are expecting because the comedies after it are losers not as strong as the Wednesday ones are. It helped on Wednesdays that you had Modern Family at 9pm and Fresh Off the Boat is a comedy nobody cares about so it won’t be able to hold up at 9pm. The best thing that can happen for ABC right now is that Miley has no effect on The Voice and that This Is Us bombs.

        Designated Survivor had potential but it’s not going to be as big now because of where it placed on the schedule. If it were on after DWTS or even Grey’s on Thursdays which it wouldn’t be because that’s Shonda’s block or even Tuesdays at 9pm those would’ve been the favorable slots for it. It’s gonna premiere high and then get lost in the shuffle because Chicago PD which attracts a similar audience is really hard to defeat in that hour although its numbers aren’t that big and Code Black will be hard to draw viewers away from too. 10pm is not a good block for a show that should be on at 9pm unless again it was on after DWTS on Mondays. To me I think Conviction has the better shot at being the next hit for ABC.

        • We’ll agree to disagree. There’s a reason ABC showcased Designated Survivor for last — they saved the best for last. Wow, what a trailer. Wednesdays at 10 will be an easy win for ABC and although no recent show has broken out big at that time slot, this has a chance to do so and I predict it will. The show looks tremendous.

          I also like Conviction at that Monday time too but it’ll be older skewing.

          And lastly, the hilarious Fresh Off The Boat is a comedy everyone cares about and will be on for many seasons.

          • Your expectations seem super high for Designated Survivor a 10pm show with a 1.6 lead-in I should remind you it’snot going to boost up to 2.3 every week in that slot. Who knows though how it will turn out but it will be interesting but I think Chicago PD ends the season out on top.

            Who cares about Fresh Off the Boat? I don’t even know anybody who watches it and to be a comedy everybody cares about it needs to get BBT type ratings. It doesn’t even get Mike & Molly ratings which just went off this week. It doesn’t even get The Goldbergs numbers which are over a 2.0, Fresh Off the Boat has been so pathetic on Tuesdays that it needed big help from The Middle so that show is a huge failure in my opinion that should’ve been let go two years ago. The only time I tuned in this season was to see Shaq on there and I didn’t even laugh if I want to see Shaq and laugh I’ll watch him with the very funny Charles Barkley on Inside the NBA.

            • You’d have to agree that Designated Survivor’s debut will probably get great numbers. Who knows how far it’ll drop as the season progresses in 2017 but ABC winning 10pm should be a very plausible feat in 4Q 2016.

              Enough people care about FOTB to cancel the subpar Muppets (what a disappointing show!). It doesn’t have the ratings cushion the Wednesday comedies have but for a Tuesday, it’s quite decent considering.

              ABC has tried many new shows on Tuesday in recent seasons with little success. CBS will still win the night in viewers and NBC in demos but consider this ABC Tuesday lineup a much needed improvement and will most likely best Fox and CW.

              I’m a fan of what ABC has launching this fall. I like just about every show there. Not so much with their midseason efforts, though. They appear as if they were leftovers from the Paul Lee regime.

              • I’m definitely expecting a great number for the premiere but for me it’s about the long-run as I can see Designated Survivor getting lost in the shuffle as the season goes along plus that 13-episode shortened season will hurt it in season 2 too so the show is nothing more than a decorated hyped up pilot venture.

                I’m thinking Designated Survivor wins until the first time Chicago PD has a crossover because that’s usually when shows that go against it start failing and that’s usually in November so DS might win late September going into October. To me Chicago PD’s toughest opponents to-date will always be CSI and Stalker I don’t see ABC in a slot they’ve struggled in all of the sudden taking over for the long-term. It would’ve needed to be an open slot like Thursdays at 10pm have become.

                Actually FOTB was barely doing much better than The Muppets and it should’ve been cancelled with The Muppets. There were a number of embarrassing weeks all season where Dr. Ken another Asian comedy was beating it in viewership on a Friday. That show is a straight up loser and nothing you say will change my mind on that so we’re done talking about that turkey.

                On Tuesdays it will be interesting this year in general as CBS will still win but I’m interested to see if Miley and Alicia Keys can give The Voice any sort of lift from the Olympic promotion. I do think NBC opened up the flood gates at 9pm by moving Chicago Med as I don’t see This Is Us doing very well despite the pre-hype it has we’ve seen too many pre-hyped shows like The Catch fail on us. The Bull could be the next Mentalist if handled by CBS right after season 1 I think NBC gave it a huge break there by moving Chicago Med. ABC should improve by The Middle being there but the whole lineup won’t benefit but there will be year-to-year improvement.

                I think they were leftovers by Paul Lee, I don’t expect to see the new chief Channing Dungey’s stuff until 2017-18 because I remember when Greenblatt first got in for NBC he had leftovers until 2012-13 started. Dungey wasn’t in there long enough to develop shows in her vision.

  2. NCIS bitch-slapped the Voice, NICE!!!!

    Chicago MD has its work cut out for it next fall…I don’t think it will be pretty.

  3. That’s for the correction on that one because I wasn’t sure of that situation with Dungey before but I do remember her saying that she would go with more procedural fare than serials when she was first hired as President.

    While I think DS will draw more eyeballs than Nashville initially that was a show too back in 2012 that was expected to be the next thing then there was a little show called Chicago Fire that came out against it and it was expected to be cancelled by mid-season and all of the sudden you saw a huge swoon carryover to Chicago PD in that same slot after Fire moved to Tuesdays. That example there is why I don’t want to give DS some 80% chance of succeeding because we’ve seen huge expected shows before not do much before. I still think as of right now and who knows I could be proven wrong easily but I think DS’ best chance of becoming a big hit would’ve been behind DWTS or in one of those 9pm slots. Don’t forget American Horror Story on FX leads the hour in the demo come October so that’ll be more competition for it.

    Man Dynasty was way back in the 80s like 30-35 years ago 80s but that used to be one of my favorite shows around that time but ABC really has done much in that slot ever since.

    Listen Fresh Off the Titanic being on 4-6 seasons doesn’t mean much we’ve seen plenty of losers in the past stay on air longer than they should’ve with low ratings. Look at New Girl currently on FOX or any of those NBC comedies that tried act like hits around The Office era. 30 Rock might be the biggest ratings loser of all-time that tried so hard to look like a hit but at least 30 Rock was a show people actually care about most people haven’t even heard of FOTB, what’s funny about that show is I bet more people heard about Dr. Ken than FOTB.

  4. Most of your successful dramas these days skew towards female so ABC better hope Designated Survivor can skew female or it’s toast.

    Butt-hurt over me clownin’ your precious little Fresh Off the Titanic I see? LOL!

    • There’s no requirement a drama must skew female to be successful, e.g. The People v. OJ, The Flash and Arrow.

      It’s not often I pick early TV winners but I predicted HTGAWM as an instant hit in Season 1 and against the norm, I did so in 2014 for the series launch of Resurrection. Write it down: Designated Survivor is going to be a clear winner this fall. Even Kiefer himself stated it might be the show that’ll keep him on TV for the next decade.

      Finally, get ready because there’ll be MORE years of me touting Fresh Off the Boat while the cast of Crowded are running to their agents looking for work!